April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with SandyK about 'Reel Life'

Reel Life
Reel Life by sandyk199

Before falling asleep last night I came up with the greatest most EPIC idea for starting this post. It was so fantastic It was so funny it would have made this blog the biggest thing EVER ....

Of course I fell asleep before writing it down and now have forgotten what the hell I was thinking so you are stuck with THIS post instead!!


I really cannot remember WHY I started reading this it might have been a suggestion by Shiv or Autumn (WhyNot the author of C&D) or perhaps I read the description on Twi and just got all excited but really that is not important

I BTW love Authors notes sometimes the A/N makes the story better they give little nuggets of info in there and it just makes the whole thing come alive

Sandy in her authors note at the bottom of this story asked for reviews like many authors do but she added a little incentive she said she would send Edward to my house with ice cream


who could turn down ice cream AND Edward so of course I reviewed

GUESS WHAT she actually wrote a mini fic sending Edward to MY HOUSE!!
WELL being the smart ass that I am I sent him back to her house all wore out in my own little mini fic Poor Sandy had to nurse Edward back to health he was severely depleted in fluids and protein !! LOL

AND that started a bit of a friendship

So when Movie Star week came up as a Theme I of course thought of Sandy

here is her description of this story:

Used to feeling lonely in a crowded room, Edward Cullen is on another press junket for his latest film when a certain journalist breaks through the tedium. Half an hour later, she's gone - or so he thinks. Rated M for later chapters of the citrus variety
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Chapters: 21 - Words: 125,741 - Reviews: 1207 - Updated: 7-23-09 - Published: 5-22-09 - Edward & Bella - Complete

So what do I love about this fic? what sets it apart from other fics??


no shit CupCakes !!

I know other fics have cupcakes but do other authors post thier cupcake recipes?? they might I just have not paid attention SANDY not only posted her Cupcake recipe she made it look like that damn thing is a separate story on her FF profile Go check that out it is COOL

NOT ONLY does this story have CupCakes (Oreo Depth charge cupcakes)
This story has one of the finest examples of side characters they pop off the page and make you happy
The Rose and Emmett in here are so amazing you wanna read more just about them!! oh and the whole Edward Bella thing is awesome too

Let's see what Sandy reveals to me when I ask her the hard Questions!! LOL

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
I’m on the forums a fair bit sharing what we like to call ‘Pretty’ or ‘Robporn’, and one day I saw a picture from the Cannes Film Festival. Rob looked sensational, but sad at the same time. It made me realize that it must be an incredibly isolated life at times, surrounded by people but having a hard time forming intimate friendships and the like because of the invasive nature of the press, not to mention the ‘sellout’ mentality by people that like to think of themselves as ‘friends’ and yet tell the magazines everything.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
Expect a fair bit of humour! Rosalie is very different in this story, Angela is quite ballsy, Bella has an independent life, and they’re all a bit older. I’ve put them in their early 30’s simply to give them some realistic life experience. Oh, and you might come out of this story with a hankering for cupcakes, and my next story, Take the Cake will turn that hankering into a full-on addiction!

Ohhh, and I nearly forgot! Make sure you check out my A/Ns at the bottom of the chapters – if I suggest you tell me your favourite ice-cream flavour, it’s TOTALLY worth your while! I offer a unique kind of review reply feedback that will definitely leave a smile on your face after chapter five!

Why should readers read your story?
I’d peg this story at being somewhere between ‘fluff’ and ‘light entertainment’. I LOVE some of the angsty stories out there, but I just can’t write it myself. I’ve tried, and it has been a honking big failure. I guess I’m more of a humourist at heart. Having said that, I’d like to think that Reel Life won’t have people snorting and rolling their eyes! I got a tremendous amount of joy out of writing Reel Life. It’s the first time I’ve written anything this long in years, so it’s a warm-up exercise, but one that always put a smile on my face. I’d like to think that readers will be left feeling good at the end of it too.

Any more fic plans in the future?
Yup, and it’s well underway! Take The Cake is a story set in New York, and I think people will be surprised at the Alice and Jasper dynamic in this story. TTC is very much a Bella/Edward story, but the secondary characters are getting a lot of loving attention too, and the cupcakes are virtually a character in themselves as well. If you like funny quotes and tempting cupcakes, then this story is worth checking out! In any case, I guess the next plan after this might be some cupcake recipes, as people are starting to hound me for them *snickers*

What actor?actress do you picture as Ed/bella
I guess I can’t go past the original characters, I think that Rob Pattinson is going to age beautifully! As for Bella, I have to say that I haven’t given much thought to it at this stage, so I’d have to go with the canon characters. As an older actress, Drew Barrymore is always a delight, or Jewel Staite (who played Keely in Joss Whedon’s Firefly).

Do you believe in HEA?
Oh absolutely, I like to think that it’s possible for everyone, but you have to put some work into it beforehand. I’m also especially fond of epilogues in stories, because after the big HEA and sweeping triumphal music, there’s always that sense of “okay, so now what?”. A good epilogue is something that I’ve always found vastly satisfying, hell, even Jane Austen did it, so it’s well worth putting the effort in for everyone’s satisfaction, mine included.

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special
music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, whatever...?
Well, I’ve usually got so much going on that my friends (and my manager at work) joke that I have ADOS – Attention Deficit ... Oh Shiny! Generally I’ve got my laptop on, and either the telly or a DVD playing of some description,and I take it from there. It seems that whenever my characters go quiet, a shower always gets things going again. I guess the water soothes me, my mind relaxes and that’s when the characters start telling/showing me what they want to do next. The problem is, I either need a waterproof laptop, or the mother of all splashguards! One night I was into day 2 of some crushing writers’ block and took a shower before bed, and the water had barely hit my arse before the ideas came flood in. World’s quickest shower, but it gave me the bones for the next chapter so I guess I shouldn’t complain TOO much. One of my friends has just suggested I scribble ideas in whiteboard marker on the shower tiles, so I might look into that option ...

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your
pants thing?
Reel Life was relatively organic I guess. I had the first chapter very clear in my head, and then from there just made it up as I went along. As it progressed, I hashed out a lot of ideas with Leisa (aka YesYov) who was a stupendous beta. She constantly questioned why the characters were doing what they did, what the reactions would be, all sorts of things. She was just fabulous, and really made me get inside my characters’ heads.

Take the Cake was more mapped out. I had a sense of the characters’ back histories before I started, what they did for a living, how they were going to interact. Of course, once I started writing, the characters took on a life of their own and have proceeded to dictate quite a lot of the proceedings since then. It’s a strange thing to say, but sometimes I’m not so much writing the story, as transcribing that they’re showing/telling me.

I guess planning or winging it with a story line is something that depends on how you prefer to write. I like to have the bare bones of a story, and then flesh it out from there. I think if I were to plan out every single thing, it might take the bubbles out of it all, and I like my writing to be a fun experience. If I can entertain the readers too, then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.


SOOO there you have it!! isn't that fantastic

she is witty she is funny she is a sweetie that makes sweets and writes fuckhawt sexin scenes

ahhhhhh Sandy doll how I have missed you!!

just so you all know Sandy has another lovely story that is a WIP called Take the Cake read it !! Why cause it is amazing

OK In light of things going lately I am compelled to make a special public service posting tomorrow I am gonna write out my directions on HOW to leave a good review SO if you are wondering what kinds of things you should say in a review then read it and if you are one of the people who likes to read scathing reviews (I doubt I have any of those here!) then read it and learn a thing or three about how to be diplomatic there is a right and wrong way to say things I am gonna show both hopefully I can get an author or two to give me some actual reviews to demonstrate this stuff ...

THEN Friday we have our Poll dance so any H00Rs who wanna participate in that join me it will be fun

Do not forget to get me your Questions for Lady Tater she will be talking to Rob again on Saturday ...in the tea room....how cozy!!


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