April 10, 2010

Sue's Interview with RaeCullen about 'Angel Eyes'

This stunning banner was made by the very talented angstgoddess. Rae got it in the fandom gives back auction. Very cool banner, I think.

I have seen all kinds of Bellas in my reading ventures.
Bella's in high school
Bella's in college
Bella's in debt
Bellas as virgins
Bellas as call girls
Drunk Bella
Sober Bella
Religious Bella
Business Bella

That bitch gets around more than BARBIE!

HOWEVER, one thing I have NEVER seen is a Blind Bella.
WELL guess what? I was clued into blind Bella from an interview I did with silverSniper (Eye Contact, if you have not read it DO IT).

So what is so different and so good about this fic?

Bella is blind. We get to experience her life from her senses.

Edward is just a guy who sees her at the park, and is fascinated with the pretty girl, who is just sitting in the sun.

How will Edward react?
How will her big bro Emmett, super protective brother BTW, react to someone?
How will others deal with the stigma of a disabled woman with Mr. Perfect?
How about Bella's feelings?

Well I say read it and find out!

Edward can’t get the girl he sees around campus out of his head. He’s instantly captivated by her beauty and melodic laugh. She’s special in a way he never imagined. Can he handle it? Little does he know that she will change his life forever.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Chapters: 10 - Words: 54,807 - Reviews: 322 - Updated: 1-10-10 - Published: 8-21-09 - Edward & Bella

What I like about this story is that you have Bella being insecure about things, with a good reason behind them. YES, we are all insecure from time to time. However, someone with a disability deals with being dependant on others, more than one without disabilities does.

I think we will have fun watching them navigate their relationship.

Here is my interview with Rae about her fic Angel Eyes:

Sue: Let me get my Qs list up
RaeCullen: okie dokie
S: alright I am guessing you have seen the site, so you know a little something about what I do. I ask the same Qs of every author they are very general and boring
R: yes.. i did go to the website a few times :) they aren't boring!
S: Ok well thanks! Let's start
R: ok
S: Q1

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
R: I don't really have any inspiration per se... the idea just kind of came to me one day (as most of my ideas do - they just hit me out of no where). I was just driving in my car and suddenly it hit me.. I went home and wrote all my ideas down.
S: Why a blind Bella?
R: well, i read a lot of fic.. and I hadn't actually come across one before after i started posting i found a Blind Edward (which i haven't read)
S: I have found the Blind Edward and a Deaf Edward but no Blind bella!
R: I thought i hit an original idea.. and for the most part I think I have
S: capitalized the wrong B
R: I did find another Blindella.. but the story looked to be AU..looked like the Cullens were vamps (I haven't actually read it so idk) and i was just kind of fascinated by the idea of her being different
S: well I like it
R: so far I've had great feedback about it.. my readers think she's really relatable.. the issues she goes through and the thoughts about herself.. some of my readers have said they've been in the exact same place I think it relates back to quote I had in Chapter 5
S: Repeat the quote

R: I sighed, biting my lip and running my fingers through my hair. This was one of those times that I was glad to not have my sight. Rosalie and Emmett were perfect for each other. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a twinge of jealousy. Living with a couple as in-love with each other as Rose and Emmett were wasn’t easy. I longed to find the kind of happiness that they had found with each other. I longed to be touched – to be kissed – with the kind of passion that Emmett felt for Rose. I wanted, no I needed, someone to share all my secrets with, to talk to late at night when I couldn’t sleep, to comfort me when I was scared, and to hold me when I was sad. I longed for the feeling of just knowing that someone loved me, as a man loves a woman.
there is another one too i think
S: Very cool quote lots of people can relate to that isolation of being around others who are happily in love
R: yeah exactly i have a few readers who have some sort of disability or illness.. and so they felt as though they could relate to exactly what she was feeling
oh wait i think it was this quote:
"For the longest time, I felt like it would never happen for me. I felt like I just wasn’t destined to be that happy. That I wasn’t beautiful enough, smart enough, or that no one wanted to be with someone like me: Someone who was blind or that they saw as being overly dependent, a burden. I didn’t want to be anyone’s burden. I wanted to be someone’s world; someone’s everything."

S: Oddly enough I think the feelings of cannon Bella fit your Bella better than a "healthy" teen. The insecurities are not as forced
R: I think that regardless if you have a disability or some sort of "difference" about you.. we all feel that way at one point in time
S: True very true

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
R: ummmm I don't know LOL
S: LOL I ask the tough ones!
R: this is sort of my first real attempt at writing chapter fic
S: How about this one then
R: I'm not really sure what else to say about it..haha
S: Do you have any experience working with the blind?
R: I don't actually
S: I find that interesting!
R: I have experience working with children with special needs.. which sort of relates. Yeah.. so I'm totally going blind into this (pun intended - bahaha I'm really lame)
S: I work with kids with special needs to mine
I have one hearing impaired child and one who has speech aphasia. both teens
R: wow very interesting.. most of my experience is with speech impaired (mostly just delayed) and children along the autism spectrum
S: well then we have something in common my 14 yr old son is the one with speech aphasia the way he describes it he KNOWS the words he wants to say but says every other word around it because the words he wants to use do not come out
R: I work with really young children though.. 0-5 has been my focus
S: I worked with him when he was young too LOL
R: in my other life I'd like to be a speech pathologist well, yes.. LOL.. i know
S: we got off topic !!
Ok hang on next Q coming up!
R: LOL ok

Why should readers read your story?
S: most authors hate this Q btw
R: LOL yes.. I was dreading this one
S: that's why I leave it in
R: Because I think it's an original idea. I think that Blindella is so wonderfully relatable (as we discussed above) that she can really be any of us (much like cannon Bella).
I like that about characters.. when they are easy to relate to.. where I feel like I could be them
I think my Edward is sweet and he's trying really hard, but has his flaws - as of where the story is right now, he's not completely comfortable with her blindness. Which is think is also very relatable. Because when we're faces with something new we all get a little insecure and uncomfortable.
S: I am actually happy that he is not comfortable with it it is a stretch for most people not exposed to those with disabilities to know what to do
R: Exactly
S: how do they react they fear just how sensitive the person with a disability would be
R: yes exactly

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&M's, drink heavily, whatever …?
R: LOL no.. I just get in moods where either I'm in the mood to write or I'm not (like I just busted out two chapters in two days.. but before that I was on a month long dry spell). My TV is always on in the background. Sometimes I'll listen to music. Most of the time I'm chatting on gchat at the same time. I'm a multi-tasker. There is no method to my madness!
S: neat I usually have about 3 or things going on at the same time as well but I am a mom of 5 so I am used to it
R: a mom of 5?? wow! I'm sure it's crazy in your home :)
S: yes all boys. it is !
R: oh wow bless you lol
S: Thanks I need all the help I can get having teenagers helps though!

What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
R: Nothing in particular.. if it's been a while since I've made a post.. I have a big sigh of relief and do a happy dance with one of my betas.. otherwise.. I just post and just don't really think about it.
I'm always pretty happy with my chapters and I have great readers, so its usually pretty stress free.. haha
S: GOOD attitude to have! writing is supposed to be fun
R: exactly! that is my attitude I'm just doing this for fun its a distraction from the stresses of school and RL
S: and that is how it is supposed to be something fun and not so serious

Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?

R: Sometimes. AE has a lot of quotes and music lyrics before the chapters. I'm really big into music, so a lot of times I'll be listening to my iPod or hear a new song and it will remind me of my story or characters and so I'll use it.
A lot of my story ideas actually come from songs.. LOL 

S: works for me where ever they come from

What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella?
R: Edward is of course RPattz lol
R: and my Bella is actually Alexis Bledel
R: I have a banner AngstGoddess made me from FGB if you'd like to see it yes!
I have a love hate relationship with KStew
S: I would love to have it
R: but I LOVE Alexis Bledel
S: I have an I don't give a fuck relationship with Kstew
R: she's so sweet and just angelically beautiful (Alexis Bledel that is)
S: I think she is adorable

R: me too. So, I've always pictured her as Bella 
S: I will need the banner for the post
and I will credit AG for it
R: Ok! Good idea.
S: I like to credit Banner makers when I know who they are and I think the banner is lovely
R: thank you.i was very happy with it

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
R: I have a general idea in which the story is going to go... but I don't have a specific outline. I have the next few chapters planned out specifically.. but other then that I just kind of type and hope it goes in the direction I want!

Do you have a posting Schedule? If so what is it?
R: No I don't have a specific one. I just write whenever I have time then post after both of my betas have a chance to go through it. I just two ever 2 weeks.. but unfortunately life gets in the way and doesn't make it possible always.. haha
S: I know life gets in the way of my fun too !!
R: stupid RL!lol
S: NO KIDDING! I have fic to read !!after all it is my job!
R: LOL exactly!

Do you believe in HEA?
R: Absolutely. I love HF and I have a strong backbone for reading angst
S: This is my not so subtle way to figure out your ending!
R: but if it doesn't have an HEA I have a hard time with it i've only read one fic that was not HEA that I actually liked
LOL .. there will definitely be an HEA at the end of my story most of it is entirely fluff anyway
S: well except Em beating up Edward
R: very little angst/HF .. I'm not sure I could write angst.. LOL I didn't think that was very HF! haha
I thought it was awesome.
S: but but you hurt Edwards face LOL
R: When has Emmett EVER assaulted Edward?? NEVER! :) 
S: poor pretty
R: Oh he's fine. He's still beautiful lol
S: all beat up
R: Some battle scars can be hotS: (NOTE TO ME INSERT PIC OF RPATZ WITH BRUISES HERE)
and yes I have them
R: Ooo yes the ones from RM!
I tweet them to hunterhunting for inspiration for hockeyward
R: Yes, I've been hearing lots about hockeyward.. I'm anxious for his debut
S: me too
Rae: (as I'm sure half the fandom is as well)

Give me a list of your current projects AND do you have any more fic plans in the future?
R: I have a few ideas running through my mind that I work on now and again.. but I'm thinking they wont be released until AE is completed, or I have the entire thing written
I'm always thinking of ideas for o/s's .. so those can appear out of no where!
I'm co-writing an AU fic with Agoraphobiantic
Bella is pure evil!
S: ohhh Evil
R: its Post-NM and definitely different then what else is out there
R: Its a continuance of her Les Femmes Noires contest entry
S: I do not read AU but I know people who do I will pass it on
R: Oh great! Thank you. How come you don't read AU?
S: I just never really got into it I have read a couple
Elemental is kinda AU
R: No Bonne Foi??
S: nope
R: Oh man.. you are so missing out! haha
S: so I have been told
the best AU I read was The Rupture
2 chapters by peachyliscious
R: I haven't heard of that I will have to check it out
S: she pulled it and is putting it back
R: Oh ok
S: soon I hope
R: So I guess you haven't read Toye then?
R: Oh man
its good
only 7 chapters
dark though

What brought you to fanfic? To twilight?
R: To Twilight: I was visiting my friend in another state and needed something to read on the plane ride home. I was very skeptical of the whole "vampire romance" but my friend told me to just read it. I couldn't put it down! Read the whole saga in three days.

To fanfic: I was randomly lurking on Cullen Boys Anonymous on the message boards and saw people talking about fanfic. I used to read/write boyband fanfic back in the day when I was 15 (don't judge me! LOL I was 15!) so I was intrigued by the possibility of Twilight FF. Some people pointed me in the direction of a few fics that I don't even remember the name of (they weren't that good) but I somehow stumbled upon 'Housemating Season' and 'Frenemies' and fell in love. It became a drug and I needed more.. and here I am! So I guess I have ABG to thank for my now obsession with FF! haha
S: MINE TOO! my first AuH fic was Frenemies!
R: Oh it was genius
R: after reading that I stumbled onto The Office.
S: I am her superfangirl I even have a cape with a badger on it LOL
R: LOL that's awesome
S: (kidding kidding but I am gonna make one!)
R: hahaha
S: I love ABG with an all consuming passion that is probably not healthy
R: Surprisingly, I didn't stumble upon Wide Awake until like 2 months after being in the fandom.. usually that's people's gateway into the fandom
S: same here
R: haha she's pretty hilarious.. I'm so in love with TNGUS right now
S: DITTO She is just as much fun to talk to as well
R: I haven't personally talked to her ever, but she seem very nice and very fun
S: I will pass on your love for her!!

What is your background in writing?
R: I don't really have much then the basic school classes. I'm in graduate school right now, which requires me to write a lot of papers. My undergraduate degree also did,so I learned a lot about grammar and writing from all the papers. My boyfriend also is a huge influence on my writing ability. His mother is an English teacher and a stickler about appropriate grammar. He edits all my school papers (and if he knew I wrote fic.. he'd be my beta! He's that awesome).
S: hmmm Why doesn't he know you write fic I have editors that speak English better than I do
R: I don't think he'd understand my thing with the fandom..or even the connections I've made with people here.. I let it slip out when I was drunk once that I read Twilight smut.. lol.. he asked a few questions but dropped it soon after.
S: LOL I made my hubs read a couple FFs he is mad they have not updated yet and it has only been a week
S: he asked for funny completed fics from now on
R: that's funny
S: I thought so too

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SM's, which one would you choose and would you do?
If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards feel to substitute an actor here Rob, Kellan, PFach or Jackson?
R: Oh man.. I like too many FF Edwards
S: you got 15 minutes with ONE
R: Oh No.. lol tough choices since I can't narrow it down.. I think I'm going to go with having Rob for 15 minutes LOL
S: AND what would you do with him??
R: Lets just say whatever room we were in would have a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door :)
R: Actually, I'd really want him to sing for me cause something about that bluesy voice gets my girly bits all crazy LOL
S: I think I would be a wealthy woman if I could get him to sing happy birthday
R: lol
S: MYSELF I would force feed him brownies and cheeseburgers boy is too skinny
R: hahaha true I like skinny boys though oddly enough
S: I like a man with SOME meat on his bones
R: yes, me too.. but I like the rather slim boys

What is your Fandom pet peeve?
R: Reviewers that flame for no good reason. If you don't like a fic, just stop reading there is no reason to be cruel
there is no reason to leave a review that says "This is awful, I'm stopping reading now"
S: VERY true there is a way to be constructive and get your point across
R: That happened to a friend recently.. so I'm still a little angered by it
Exactly be constructive and say what you don't like.. and how the writer can improve but be nice about it!
I think people feel like they can be nasty because this is the Internet and you aren't face to face with anyone
S: true true

What is your FanFic PetPeeve?
I'm not a big fan of fics that do a lot of rehashing from the previous chapter. When one chapter is in EPOV and then the next is BPOV and they practically repeat the entire thing but from Bella's POV. does that make sense?
R: I think it can get a bit tedious

Which character in your fic do you Identify with the most?
Any character who would you like to see yourself with? Either as buddies or more?

R: In my fic? Bella. I most identify with her for the reasons we originally talked about. She's comfortable with who she is, but still has insecurities
I like my Alice a lot. I think I would want her to be my big sister too. She's very supportive and fun. She hasn't been around a lot yet, but I definitely enjoy her.

Which RL author inspires you?
Did any FF authors inspire you?

R: RL authors.. I actually don't read a lot of fiction reading. So I'm about to be cliche and say SMeyer.. I mean if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here. I love Nicholas Sparks as well. I read a lot of Non-fiction for school.. a lot of memoirs related to my profession. So those writers really inspire me in ways outside of my writing.

I dont know if there are any specific FF authors. My betas BellaMadonna and LittleClareStar really do. They are both excellent writers and have really taught me a lot.Especially BellaMadonna, as she's been with me since the very first thing I ever wrote. I think every single author who puts their stuff out there for me to read inspires me in some way. They all have such different and original stories. They all bring something new and interesting to the table.

My answers are incredibly boring.. LOL but that's just me.
S: NO I think that is a good answer! Only 3 more Qs left I know it is a long tedious process
R: I wish I had time to be more of a literature buff.. but I dont. Plus I really like what I'm studying.. so I focus on that.
LOL it's fine!
S: nothing wrong with that!

Any recs for us?
R: Oh man a ton LOL
I'm reading way more fics then I should
S: me too over 200, I have to narrow down my list
R: OMG! wow and i thought my 30 was a lot haha
S: well I told you I read FF like it is my job
Rae: But these are the fics I would drop anything for:
Just Wait – InstantKarmaGirl
Eye Contact – Silver Sniper of Night
Hourglass and Le Masque Fantome – (both by) Bronzehairedgirl620
On My Own – LittleClareStar
Stolen Singer – nerac
Late Night Encounters – kyla713
Love Amongst The Ruins – theladyingrey42
The Long Walk Home – bsmog

S: GOOD choices I am reading most of those!

If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a Question who would you ask and what would you ask them?
I think I would ask Rob if he ever regrets getting involved in the Twilight Saga. The whole experience has been rather intrusive on his life, and he seems like such a quiet homebody.. I just wonder sometimes if he ever regrets it.
S: good Q!

Anything else you would like to add?
R: No I don't think so.. I think everyone has probably head enough of my boring answers.. LOL.
R: Thanks for interviewing me! I feel really honored
S: not boring at all Thanks for agreeing!
R: I was shocked when I got your PM, if I'm being honest.. LOL

Awe schucks!!


see that was a fun interview !

So if you are looking for a romance with some challenges go read this one !!


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