April 9, 2010

Sue's Interview with profmom72 about 'Just This Once'

OH boy. Don't you just love this delagating thing I got going on here??

I get a break from the hard work and you guys get some other opinions on fics and stuff. And my darling editors get people who can actually spell and add punctuation and grammar, who dont stay up till midnight the night before, drinking beer and writing about a really cool fic they read!



Why does Sue LOVE LOVE LOVE One Shots??

Because you get a whole story without the wait!!

And NOW, with the miracle that is my little laptop, I can log onto the interwebs in the parking lot of my hub's work while waiting for him and FINISH a story!

I love One Shots!!!

SOMEONE rec'd this to me. Maybe it was Mels, I forget.

But I read it and LOVED IT. It has so much, it feels like more than a one shot.

This fic is great. Hot sex, tension, friendship, love, romance... guhhhhh!

Lovely, really. Here is the description:

Just This Once
Do Edward and Bella really mean their chance Christmas break one night stand will only be "just this once?" A o/s entry for SummerMeadow presents: Holiday Delights. E/B.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - General/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,005 - Reviews: 144 - Published: 11-23-09 - Bella & Edward

SO we have two kinda friends who hook up one night. Hmmmm what happens? Well, I am not gonna tell you cause if I do, it will spoil the neat fic.

You all know Profmom72. She has done a ton of super popular fics you like.

Lucky charm, which I am reading now and it is complete BTW.

She was one of the brains behind another fav of mine, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

She is also one of the writers of The Fates.

And Rabbit Hole! How can I forget Rabbit Hole??

So I was slightly nervous about contacting her about her one shot, but I have been VERY lucky and authors seem to like answering my silly questions for you all.

If you have not already guessed, she said YES (that always gives me the biggest damn thrill! I feel all popular when people talk to me LOL)!

So I will now shut up and let her tell you in her much more articulate way about her fic and herself. Enjoy my dears!! I hope my Qs give you all insight into the writers mind a bit... Remember, if you want me to talk to someone in particular or if you have any questions YOU think I should be asking authors, then by all means TELL ME! I am not a mind reader here folks!

Where did you get the idea for your O/S?

This was an interesting one because it seemed to drop into my lap. I don’t really know where it came from, but I had a long drive for a work meeting, and most of it was written in my head as I drove. I talked myself through a lot of the dialogue. It was incredibly frustrating to be driving a car and have no way to write it down right then. Plus, I was in a conference all day, which meant I couldn’t even jot anything down once I wasn’t driving. It was an insanely busy couple of months, so it was something I plugged away at when I had a few minutes.

Why a O/S and not a multichapter fic for this idea?

I thought about doing it as a Novella, though I never really saw it as anything beyond what it was. The conflict was fairly well self contained. I find that I actually prefer writing the earlier parts of stories anyway, so I’m gravitating more and more to shorter stories. I think it has more to do with my own attention span. The farther in I get, the more there is to maintain.

In any case when I got a decent enough draft, I did send it to a couple of people to bounce the idea of whether to keep as a one shot or expand as a novella, and we all sort of came to the conclusion that it worked as it was.

Quite a few reviewers have asked if I will expand it, and the answer is, probably not. If I do anything, it would definitely not be a full story, but I might consider the aftermath of them coming together or maybe an EPOV of what was going on with him, but some of the fun in fiction is imagining what you think was happening, and I kind of like that.

Who do you "see" as your characters (if you envision anyone)

You know, I never do that. I don’t do it when I read any literature, and I don’t do it when I write. I have images of people in my head, but they aren’t anyone in particular. Often, I see more of an outline of a person, but I wouldn’t be able to describe their face in detail.

Generally, at this point, my images of Edward and Bella are pretty consistent; I see them the same no matter what fic I’m reading or writing. There may be subtle nuances—sharpness of features, the exact hue of the hair, body type, etc., but by and large they really are the same.

Do you do anything special while writing listen to music ...need complete silence..eat a bag of M&Ms...drink heavily ..whatever

Nope, I have no particular routine. I do not write with music. I have a tendency to stop and sing along to music, so I can’t really concentrate with it in the background. I always have a diet coke in front of me, and I do snack a lot. I take tons of breaks to surf the web or chat. I tend to set word or time limits, generally fairly short ones, and once I meet the goal, I can take a break until the next one.

I tweeted asking for Questions this one comes from Amorebella:
Do you use your own past encounters for reference when you write each O/S?

It’s funny. Normally, I would say no. A particular scene or so might infiltrate a story here and there, but this one was special. I’m not really wanting to go into detail about which elements were inspired by real life (but if you ask, I probably would J ), but two very distinct life events of mine were direct inspiration on this one.

Usually, I think the way my experience comes in is more as a means of measuring how a character will react or what their expectations are for a given situation.

If you want to talk about any current projects you are working on or any future ideas that have struck you feel free to do so you can also rec some fics

I am currently finishing up two work in progress fics: Rabbit Hole and The Fates. Rabbit Hole is an AU mystery that chronicles Edward and Bella’s relationship if he left without her knowing that he was a vampire. There are only a few chapters left at this point, so if get nervous about angst, you can read it almost all the way through. The Fates is an e/b story at heart, but it includes a twist: the goddess of love, the god of war, and the fates (Tanya, Garrett, and the Volturi) are in a war of sorts, and engage in a series of challenges that ultimately determine whether Bella will live. The Fates is my second collaboration with hmonster4. I spent the better part of November writing for NaNoWriMo, and I’m happy to say I made the goal of 50K words of a new novel, so my goal is to finish that and to do some serious editing there once my two work in progresses are complete. That’s another reason, I want to shift into more one shots and novellas. I don’t really think I am a great writer, but I am having fun playing, and at this point completing an original novel is more about self actualization than publishing.
I’m also fortunate to beta for all of hmonster4’s work. Currently, she’s working on an AU piece called I Know You, which was inspired by her darkward contest entry. I also help out Staceygirl aka jackbauer on her piece, Controlled Burn, which is a fun e/b comedy.
For a long time, I was fairly wrapped up in writing, and I only had a couple of things I was reading. As soon as Nano was over, I went on a little spree, trying to hit a few things that had been on my list.

Rhapsody in B by lillybellis

Girl with a Red Umbrella by justaskalice

And my perennial favorite:
The Fallout by OCDIndeed


I really love looking inside the mind of authors. It is amazing to me to see the similarities and the slight differences in the ladies that provide me with my entertainment...

So if you are looking for a quickie One Shots are the way to go so much safer than random hookups

I have found so many many marvelous one shots I could have entire blog about them alone. Wanna know how to find the good ones? the ones you will love ? well if you have a favorite author check out thier profile you can start there you know their style and you might find some marvelous little treasures in their fic listings

another idea is to check out any number of the one shot contests I ADORE these because you can "discover" new authors (it is how I found Babette! author of one of my favorite fics The Very Thought of You which is an extension of her one shot entry for the Age of Edward contest Going to Sleep)

Tricia thanks for the interview dearie it was a blast ! I can't tell you how giddy I get when you tweet me that is such a fangirl moment for me !!(I am a dork)

Ok dears I will have more One Shots for you later today!!


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