April 11, 2010

Sue's interview with marie0912 about 'The Sound of your Voice'


Summary: A boy with a passion lost, moves away with his parents in a desperate attempt to cope with his deafness and meets a girl who speaks before she thinks. Forks is a place with dark secrets that slowly unveils, the kids hiding both past, present and future.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 17 - Words: 33,602 - Reviews: 717 - Updated: 2-21-10 - Published: 12-1-09 - Edward & Bella

OK some more personal information about ME. I know you love to hear about me ...

I have 5 kids, one of them is hearing impaired, so you can guess that things dealing with hearing loss affect me ..

I met Marie on Twitter. I forgot how, I forgot why, but we got to chatting and she wanted me to read her fics.

Being busy, I put it off till I heard about this really neato thingie that Geekerella puts on. It is called #readalong. A fic is chosen and nightly a group of people get together to read the evenings choice fic.
You can find out about it here

(link for #readalong) I swear there is a blog for it and I will get it there soon as I find it

Well, one night, while I was twitstalking #readalong, I found out that this fic The Sound of Your Voice was the featured story. So I figured, what the heck I am gonna read!

Marie's first language is not English but her writing is... lyrical. This is a 3rd person fic and it is different angsty but not unbelievably so it has it's funny moments and ones that just make you say AWWWWW and others they ..well hurt

Read it, you won't regret it!

1. Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?

marie: Hmm... Well, the writing method (the flow, the third person POV) was inspired by MrsTheKing. "Poughkeepsie" changed so much for my writing, and also general view of the world. I like to think I`m a slightly less shallow person because of it. More enlightened you could say.
Now, the idea for the story itself was based on a thought.
I was listening to some of my favorite songs and just thinking about how addicted I am to music, how empty my day is without it and how I cannot leave the house without my mp3 player. And that was when I started reflecting on how my life would be if I suddenly lost the ability to hear music. How I would cope and view the world.
And just how dependent I would be on others, how bitter I would be at fate and higher powers for taking that away. I concluded that I would rather be blind and that from own experience, I have found more beauty in actions and words than in images and bodies.

2. Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically about your story?

marie: Yes. Firstly that I do not know anyone with hearing loss and secondly that I don't speak ASL. I google and read a lot to get facts right, and fortunately my Beta speaks it so we are careful about how we describe the signs.
And thirdly that Edward did NOT lose his hearing due to the fire in the chapter seven flashback, how and why he became deaf is not revealed yet. It was during the fire it was discovered, and he nearly died because of it, but it didn't cause it. (so many have thought it was because of the fire, I just feel like I should state it once and for all)
Oh and that (because I keep getting the question...) Maybe stands for Mary Alice Brandon/ M for mary, A for Alice and B for Brandon = MAB/MABee/ Maybe.
LOL! You can take what you think is relevant out of that. I ramble.
Sue: I love rambles I tend to do them often
marie: HA! and that is why you and I are a good pair. Crap and old movies. And rambles

3. Why do you think readers should read your story?
marie: Well, it takes on a lot of subjects that are rarely talked about, it has a genuineness to it, some of it comes from personal experience and some of it from others.
I like to combine realism and magic, miracles and catastrophes and I stay true to the characters, but never set their fate in stone.
The story do not generalize, or try not to, every character has a secret and its own essence.
And none is perfect but everyone loves.
And hopefully it will leave you with your own reflections and a wider sight.
Neglect and pain is everywhere, you can do so much by just opening your eyes a little wider and see it.
IDK... that was rambling again :P

4. Do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, drink heavily, whatever …?
marie: Well... Usually I write in the middle of the night, like 2 AM my time. I sit down and think up a dialogue in my head, an exchange between characters, try to picture their eyes, since the eyes reveal so much emotion.
I have spent a great amount of time listening to Maria Mena's music while writing the angsty parts. Oh, and Im always in bed when I type.

5. What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
marie: Check for typos and repetition of words. I never use the same word to describe something or someone too close together if it can be avoided. And I usually don't notice the mistake until after its posted, which just happens to be like ....5 -6 in the morning my time.
I copy the link and tweet it, bite my nails and let the self doubt wash over me for a few minutes while the beta soothes my angst ;)

6. Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
marie: Yes, to a certain degree. Or there are songs that I keep listening to at least. Do you want a list?
Sue: not unless they are intergral to the story
marie: what does intergral mean? :P
Sue: important to the story plot and movement of the fic
marie: HA! OK, no they are not :)
Sue Stefanich: There I taught you new word! LOL and I spelled it wrong. "integral" maybe I DON'T KNOW! I suck at spelling
marie: HAHAHAH! hey I learned the word Trandenscendant a few days ago by myself
Sue: and English is my only language. transcendent
marie: HA! Ill teach you to swear in Norwegian if you want?
Sue: LOL I know how to swear in ASL
marie: OH!!!!
Sue: YUP
marie: i will SO get back to you on that!! I'm having a Renee moment planned out!
Sue: I even have an online ASL thing that has vids and classes etc you can look up anything. want the link?
marie: Yeah that would be great actually!
Sue: http://www.lifeprint.com/ It is VERY neat
marie: OH I used that for Esme/Edward!! adding to favorites now!
Sue: you can even get college credits for it
marie: Seriously?
Sue: SERIOUSLY! you have to pay for the credits but it counts
marie: HA! Im applying for college in the fall!!
Sue: I feel so OLD. I have kids thinking about College LOL
marie: HAHHAHAH! sowwwyy.... :P well I just turned 21, so im alittle older than average university and college students
Sue: AHHH.... well now I feel a bit better

7. What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella?
marie: :D fantastic... Actor huh... lemme think...
Sue : BTW it does not HAVE to be ROb or Kristen but it can be
marie: Oh IS NOT! :P
Sue: Rob is too old to play high school age. He looked to old when he was 17 too IMO
marie: Yesth he is! AND HE TOTALLY DID!
Sue: I was all hot for him in HP4. HEARTBROKEN to find he was only 17
marie: hhaha! I have never seen hp4
Sue: OMG OMG MUST WATCH just to laugh
marie: LOL! Im against the movie making :P
Sue: he made a great Cedric
marie: I didnt even like Twilight when I watched it :P
Sue: I did not like Twilight AT ALL
marie: *whispers* dont tell anyone! :P
Sue: horrific movie
marie: yes it was!!!
Sue: and I thought that NM showed just how bad SMs writing is. her dialog is awful
marie: OH I gotta tell you what my bff said! Yes, it was. i was all prepared for the angst and then... none.
Sue: and dont get me started on makeup and costumes
marie: HA! She said "first of all it was all like, OMG there he goes in slow motion and he isnt even that pretty! and then they hit the biology lab and he looks like he is about to crap himself"
Sue: and I do not think Kristen can act AT ALL LOL
Sue yes someone HAS to tell him that the face he makes is horrible. really NOT a good face. looks like he needs help shitting. its terrible. and you are not the only one, there are MANY who think the same way. MANY
marie: And then she said "and then he goes all scary and "you have to see me in the sunlight" and im all Oh finally some action! AND THEN HE SPARKLES! SPARKLES!? "
Sue: one of my deared friend thinks he looks like a foot
marie: HAHAHAHAHHA! a foot?
Sue: LOL I know he sparkles LOL yes hang on let me show you
marie: and she told me that if she was Bella she would "like totally" sell him on the black market
Sue: OK lets get on with the interview, cause this convo is gonna be a bitch to edit LOL
marie: yes hahaha!
Sue: actors do you see any? as your characters? the answer can be NO btw but images help
marie: Well I see Jackson Rathbone sorta... His young self... as Edward (please dont kill me readers)
Sue: no one will, people cannot fault you for your opinion
marie: LOL! we will see :P and Bella looks like Kate Winslet did when she played in Sense and Sensibility really. Just darker hair... :P i love kate winslet... Actually now that I think about it, Edward could be either of the boys from "Boondock Saints" too. They are adorable in spite of being killers.
Sue: OK

8. Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
marie: I have nothing planned out. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know why Rosalie was wearing that hoodie until I wrote "Caring". It just unfolds itself when I sit and look at the screen :)
Sue: OK

9. Do you have a posting schedule ? If so what is it?
marie: Nope! But I do try to write as often as possible, and reviews are addicting so... yeah... :P

10. Do you believe in HEA?
marie: For my characters and this story? I will not answer that! LOL! That would ruin the whole plot.
But in real life, I believe that if you love yourself enough to keep searching for it, and that as long as your demands aren't too high, you can be content and happy until you die.
Its about finding someone who loves you because of your flaws, who finds your soul beautiful and don't blame you your white lies or ridiculous fear of the dark ;)
Sue: WELL there goes my subtle attempt at getting an ending outta you
marie: LOL! well to you i can confess that i don't write tragedies :)

(Q courtesy of Mels) Give us a Random Fact about yourself
marie: My inner monologue is in British English.
Sue: NOW that is funny LOL considering you are Norwegian
marie : :P I know. My norwegian grammar sucks ass thanks to this :P
Sue: so does my English but I am American so I can get away with it
marie: Yes you can! :P darnit :P
Sue: I play the stupid American card WELL

11. Give me a list of your current projects AND do you have any more fic plans in the future?
marie: Right. Do not laugh! *warning stare*
Sue: k
marie: My current writing projects are:
The sound of your voice, Smooth vanilla and deviant sprinkles, A woman at war, The price of a sacrifice, Anything for love, I dreamed a dream, The beat of a heart, Chances are and Buttons.

Future planned fics are the fandom gives back story I sold, that was how i found my beta. (this is a crime fic) "Ghost - continuation" (won 1st place in The sandbox things that go bump in the night contest with it and there has been demands). And a possible Beuaty and the Beast/ Twilight fic. Phew.
Sue: DANG girl you are a writing MACHINE
marie: :P yesth... or just have an insane scattery brain :P it is glorious chaos in there :P

12. What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?
marie: Twilight was brought to me by my best friend. I thought the movie was dumb, but watched it over again because Peter F. was HOT! And the kissing scene kinda made me think dirty.
Fanfiction was brought to me by Facebook.
I clicked on the link and found "Coming to Terms", "The Cullen Island" (my first lemon, i was shocked and turned on) and Wide Awake. There was no turning back after I read "His personal assistant" though :P Oh, and i read the books to spite the movies sucktasticness :P
Sue: LOL
marie: :D and I have never actually "read" New moon. I skimmed. Fast. :P
Sue: I read the books 6 times
marie: HA! I don't do well with angst other than my own cos I can control the outcome :P

13. What is your background in writing?
marie: None. I had no idea I could write shit until I one day decided that Carlisle didnt get enough love in the fanfics i had read. Im educated in fine arts and acting but was having a dry period and needed some creative outlet. Fanfiction became it.

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SMs which one would you choose and would you do? (If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFach or Jackson)
Sue: and if you dont like any of them, that is fine too substsitute anyone.I am easy
marie: Oh my...
Well, 15 minutes with an Edward... Either Mrs The King`s Poughkeepsie Edward, assuming he is willing to cheat, or the giant, pierced Sparkle Peen Edward from Hunterhunting`s Clipped Wings and Inked Armor or my first ffn love: His personal assistant- Ward.
Sue: and what would you do with them?
marie: With Pughkeepsie-Ward I would do all things dirty unless he went all Old-timy on me and melted my heart first. With Clipped and Inked there would be alot of biting, definately penetration and nothing for the kiddies to see. And with His Personal Assistant- ward I would put all Office lemons to shame. :P
Sue: OH MY

15. What is your FF pet peeve?
Sue: that is for stories
marie: huh? what is that?
Sue: story pet peeve when reading
marie: pet peeve?
Sue: thing that annoys you most
marie: AH!
Sue: no problem
marie: I have a list:
  • Quite/Quiet misspelling. If I can spell it, they can too. Yes, there is a difference.
  • Heated Cores. I am starting to hate that word.
  • Miraclous simaltanious, perfectly timed couples orgasms.
  • Anal virgins taking it like a pornstar without lube.
  • Cliffhangers and a month without updates.
  • DeeepThroat virgins.
  • Bad-pornstar-ward. There are too many right now.
marie: why yes, I do enjoy the rated M fics :P
marie: There are many more, but I dont wanna... bitch :P

16. What is your Fandom pet peeve?
Sue: in the twi fandom community
I will close my twitter.
Sue: wow
marie: What? :P
Sue: when were they observed kissing? Other than in the movies LOL just saying
marie: HA No place that I know of, but people love making it up. That and the Fanfciton net drama. ugh.... i dont like the drama. And i get easily sucked into the drama.
Sue: my personal fav is them being together because they wear the same type of clothes but I digress
marie: HA! I dont like the thought of them being together because it ruins my dirty fantacy :P So I pretend not to hear it bc it makes me go "ughh..." :P
Sue: I do not care either way. I am team IDGAF
marie: well I dont care at all :P but at the same time... fantasy :P
Sue: I dont give a fuck
marie: HA! I got that right away. took me three days to figure out IKR
Sue: LOL
marie: And SFW. No idea what that meant.
Sue: I use acronyms like a teenager so fuckin what
marie: I go all blinky eyes and plead that people consider my rather limited knowledge with such use of words. I say lol and thats about it :P
IT DOES NOT MEANT THAT! It meanst "safe for work" :P NSFW means Not safe for work! Or... does it... I think we need a poll, like ... now.
Sue: LOL I have no idea. I guess it depends on the context
marie: OMG... you have unrattled my world! This is like the chicken and the egg. What came first?
marie: *blinky eyes*
Sue: I think SFW before a pic link means safe for work
marie: 8-|
Sue: and SFW at the end of a statement means "so fuckin what" LOL so academic
marie: Ahhh... NGL means Nigel
Sue: LOL
marie: :P
Sue: no it means "not gonna lie" At least I think so... "NGL I think Rob is HOT"
marie: well i did lie. So there. HA!
Sue: OK OK We are getting off track and you are cracking me up

17. Which character do you Identify with the most? Any character who would you like to see yourself with? Either as buddies or more?
Sue: that is for in YOUR story
marie: OK. I do identify myself with Bella a lot. She is me in highschool. She speaks before she thinks and dont take too kindly with bullies. Esme too really. But Edward is who i would be if I lost music and my mothers voice.

18. Which RL author inspires you? Did any FF authors inspire you?
marie: Well, like I said at the beginning, I have MrsTheKing to thank for the way I chose to write it, and even writing it at all. Sebastien Robichaud (the author of The University of Edward Masen) and the author of The Blessing and The Curse by The Black Arrow (I would love a round with this Edward too btw) also write stunningly and do leave me part inspired and part defeated, wondering why I even bother :P
RL authors have insprired me in the past, but right now Im finding so much talent in fanfiction that I dont really think about it. Though Stieg Larsson`s unraveling of mysteries has stuck with me.

19. If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a Question who would you ask and what would your Question be?
marie: Hmm... Honestly, I would just stand there and study Peter F. (No, i cannot spell his name...). I feel like proposing to Robert Pattinson or Jackson Rathbone would be the wrong way to go about things. Maybe ask Kristen Steward if she had a blunt to share, simply to confirm my theory that she was high during New Moon.
Sue: OMG LOL but that is her serious acting face
marie: HA! I think I should stop speaking my mind. :P

20. Anything else you would like to add?
marie: add... add... personal add... ME TOOO! HAHAHAHAH! Like wht? any suggestions?
Sue: you dont have to add anything if you dont wanna
marie: Well then i dont... actually. i have the answer to anything but... nothing to add. (that is a fact btw. I have the answer to just about anything. Maybe not the right now, in most cases not, but certainly an answer) :P


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