April 10, 2010

Sue's Interview with Handiangel about 'To Enchant a King'

I know you guys are DYING to know this little tidbit about me:

I am very persuasive

No really, I am very good at talking people into what they already want to do. They just did not know they WANTED to until I tell them.

THIS is why we have


Hannah and I are buds. She is the little British daughter I never knew I had.

SO one day Hannah and I are chatting on Skype (see a pattern here, I tend to talk A LOT)

WELL we got to talking about Period Fics and how much I love them and she got to talking about how much she loved Tudor history (for those that do not know, the most famous Tudor was Hank 8)

SO this and that happened and I convinced this impressionable young lady to write me a smutty hawt story about


Now of course she did not write this for ME. NOPE she shares it with all of us.

Her Summary:
Lady Isabella is new at the Tudor court of King Edward V of England. She catches his roving eye, causing the king to pursue her. However she has no interest in just being a fling. Set in Tudor England.
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/General - Chapters: 4 - Words: 15,487 - Reviews: 79 - Updated: 12-7-09 - Published: 10-28-09 - Edward & Bella

Hannah also has MANY MANY lovely manips that have been made by her and the enigmatic Emerald_Rosalie and some crappy looking ones made by yours truly.

here they are

Emerald Rosalie's



AS you all should know by now Hannah, is one of the staff members here at SYTYCW. She is my HP fic chick and has done a few interviews. Let's see how she fairs on the other side of the desk.

So enough of my yammering lets listen in on the Skype convo between me and Hannah

Sue: You ready??
Hannah: yep
Sue: OK
Let me open up the Questions!
You know the document
Hannah: yep lol I got it up...
is that cheating?
Sue: sure
but we can cheat
Hannah: lol

Sue: Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?

come on Hannah you can do it!!

Hannah: Well it initially started off more as a test to see if I could write something that sounded correct-ish for the period. I have read stories where the dialogue just felt all wrong, despite me enjoying the story so I thought I would have a go. Seeing as I love Tudor history for many reasons, and I know a bit about it, I thought that was a good place to start.

Sue: Ok
Question 2
Hannah: Does that even answer the Q lol?
Sue: What do you think?
I don't write
you outta know
Hannah: lol
sure yeah it does
Sue : Ok are you ready??
Hannah: yep hit me
Sue: don't be difficult
Hannah: lol I'm not trying to be

Sue: Is there anything you want readers of your fic to know specifically

Hannah: Umm... it's set in Tudor times, but isn't about the Tudors. It is as close as I can get it, in historical accuracy with some artistic license. And my knowledge is mainly self-taught so might be a bit funky in places.
Sue: OK how about you explain for some of us stupid Americans who the hell the Tudors are?? No offense to the stupid Americans (cause I am one)

Hannah: lol ok...
Sue: just being PC here
Hannah: lol
Sue: I am all about the PC
Hannah: the Tudors came into power after the war of the roses, between the royal houses of York and Lancaster. It cuminated in a battle between Richard III of York and Henry Tudor of Lancaster at the Battle of Bosworth (<-where I live. Woop lol). Henry won, killed Richard III and became Henry VII. After Henry VII, of course we had Henry VIII, who perhaps caused more trouble than any other king of England, in his quest for a son. I.e. the creation of the church of England. Eventually he got Edward VI who died of TB. Then we had Bloody Mary who was Catholic = lots of issues. And Elizabeth I. A relatively short dynasty, only 3 generations but a lot of history, and scandal going on.
Make sense? Hard to condense that down...
Sue: LOL
I love Hank 8
Hannah: Henry VIII is the most scadalous of course what with 6 wives...And Anne Boleyn was awesome even if she was a bit of a bitch lol
Sue : bitch or witch
Hannah: both lol
Sue: with the whole 3 tit thing
OK OK we got side tracked
Hannah: 3 tits, lol i thought she had an extra finger...?
Hannah: lol
Sue: it was both. They accused her of everything they could
Hannah: fair enough... surely Henry would have noticed that though?
Sue: of course he would have
but maybe he liked it
more titty for daddy
Hannah: lmao
Sue: we need to keep some of this in there
Hannah: lol of course... this is important general knowledge, you never know when you might need it
Hannah: pub quizzes spring to mind lol

Why should readers read your story?
Hannah: Umm... because of Tudorward? He wears a jaunty crown, and not much else by preference...
Sue: OK OK
I think people should read it cause of the possibly promise of tudor time self loving by Edward of the jaunty crown
just a rumor I started
or am starting
Hannah: lol intriguing idea...
Sue: I love giving suggestions
Hannah: i like getting them, makes my job a little easier
Sue: SOOOO do you do anything special while you write you know the drill
Hannah: I cannot have the TV on. Way to distracting. I can't even have it on to read. But music is fine... I can tune that out. But my writing style is very stop starty anyway. Very slow going as you know lol
Sue: yes the 3 or 4 sentences I get every week or so make is slow going but worth it like slow sex or hot chocolate .... Yes I compare sex to hot chocolate
Hannah: At least it's worth it then lol
Sue: YES

Got a soundtrack to your stories??
Hannah: Not really. It's too period for me to put any modern music to it. Greensleaves if anything lol
not sure that's how you spell it...
Sue: LOL Greensleeves
interesting choice
no chamber music??
Hannah: oh yeah brain fail
Sue: or or ummmm wait...Vienna boys choir
or or or wait
Hannah: sure any period-appropriate music
Sue: Gothic chants( I meant Gregorian)
Hannah: lol
Hannah Dixon: chants?
Sue: IDK
you know the monks
OH WAIT Hank 8 did away with the catholics..
Hannah: lol have I made them protestants? Probably. I haven't really touched on that
Sue: I have no idea. You skipped the whole religion thing
ready for it?
Hannah: yep

Sue: What actor/actress do you picture as your Ed/Bella??
Hannah Dixon: well Rob obviously
Sue: I am dying to get your manip up BTW
THAT will be visually stimulating
Hannah: yep definitely
Sue: OK finish answering the Q
Hannah: for Bella... I honestly have no face for her. I never do. I like KStew, or Natalie Dormer... but you can honestly put whoever you want as Bella. She is a faceless brunette
Sue: Faceless brunette
Hannah: helpful I know
Sue: yeah
I will put up pics of Natalie (well, actually T will. BTW it's T talking =P)
Hannah: go for it, she is as good as any, and she is in the manip lol
so hot
so sexy
Hannah: yep

Sue: Ok story planned out or blah blah blah?
Hannah: Very vaguely planned out. I know what events have to happen but other than that, as you know, it's a bit fly by the seat of my pants.
I never thought it would ever get past what I first sent you so...
Sue: OK

Posting schedule: do you have one???
Hannah: Well I initially wanted to keep it to within 2 weeks between posts. With Xmas coming up, that is going to go to pot, as I highly doubt I will get much writing done. Hopefully a few weeks after Xmas, I can get back to that sort of schedule
Sue: but do not forget school!!! and your social duties!!
Hannah: exactly
Sue: and of course
Hannah: school/ life comes first but I will try to stay on top of it
Sue: your responsibility as one of the main Hoors of the blog
Hannah: Of course! SYTYCW is my first priority! lol
Sue: I knew it !!!
Hannah: lol
Hannah: of course, I drop everything to go edit...
Sue: lets bring SUE out of LA LA LAND
you and Tanja just like to like laugh at my mistakes
and I dont blame you
they are pretty funny!
Hannah: yeah we twitter behind your back and everything lmao

(T here: that's why you have been on our mind while we were in London!)
Sue: keep it up I will make you edit this LOL (guess what T is doing right now! LOL)
Hannah: lol I probably will anyway
Sue: you guys all have a list
lets laugh at SUE

Do you believe in HEA???
Hannah: so next question?
Sue: Yes there it is
Hannah Dixon: yes
Sue: THAT'S IT!!!
Hannah: Well mine is going to have one
Sue: AngryBadgerGirl gave me like 3 paragraphs!!!
Hannah: And I think it can happen in real life
even of it may not last the rest of your life...there... better?
Sue: I suppose

Any more fic writing plans in your future???
Hannah: At the moment, no new fics, but I can think of outtakes for this one that I might write. Like an Em/R, or a J/A o/s, or just some missing moments
Sue: OR a good royal wank in the rosegarden
Hannah: Lol or that
one track mind...
Sue: YES
Seeing Edward of the jaunty crown get off is my life mission
Hannah: ok I'll keep that in mind

Sue: What brought you to FF?? To Twilight?
Hannah: I think Ellie's life mission is that too
Sue: YES Ellie and I share a love of the Royal Self lovin
Hannah: As my little HP fic stuff shows, I have been reading fanfic for years, since I was about 12, I think. I remember the first time I stayed up until the wee small hours just to finish a fic. So when I came across Twilight, by following the Pretty from HP, I immediately wondered if there was fanfic yet. And yay! There was. And lots of it. Initially I started with vamp-fic, then realised the scope of AU-H and here we are.

Sue: so how long have you been into Twi fic?
Hannah: I read the books in August 08, I found them just before BD came out. And immediately started searching once I had read BD I reckon.
Sue: Ok so longer than me I find that so funny
Hannah: yeah I don't read as prolifically as you lol, I don't think anyone does

Sue: What is your background in writing?
Hannah: The last time I really remember writing anything creatively was back at school for my GCSEs, when I was 16. But other than that, none, just previous majorly failed attempts at getting a coherent story on a page.
Sue: AHHHH it is YOUR favorite question my dear!!!
you KNOW I will know if you lie
Hannah: lol
Sue: and you also KNOW
that I will make up something
even more embarrassing
Hannah: yep i know

Sue: Any Rob Fantasies you have?
besides dressing him up in crown and playing with his sword
Hannah: fantasies or dreams I have had? lol
Hannah: lol ok
Sue: I BTW HATE asking this Question
sounds silly coming from old fat woman
Hannah: well dreams I have had, I have had the usual sitting in a bar one. But you do not like that answer...
Sue: at least you have easier access than I would. The likelihood of you and him being in the same area is greater!
Hannah: I have also had a dream where I was getting ready to go on holiday or something, I was packing anyway. Rob was there and kept trying to get in the way, being the hobo he is, by throwing my bra and pants all over the room... lmao
Hannah: lol
Sue: LOL
That is a good one!

Sue: good and embarrassing
Hannah: yep.
Sue: but we cant control our subconscious
if we could
more of us would have juicy dreams
Hannah: no, I would hate to know what the hell that means
Sue: It means your room is a mess
Hannah: lmao that is very true
we would probably get on very well then
Sue: probably
Hannah: you may not like asking that question but as you have said, you get some good answers sometimes
but the Q does squick me out

Sue: Which character from your fic would you most like to see yourself with? And which character do you most strongly identify with?
Hannah: Tudorward... or Emmett. And identify? Ummm... I don't know really. I honestly don't know
Sue: OHH Good Choices

Sue: What RL authors inspire you? What FF authors inspire you?
Hannah Dixon: JK Rowling, for having such a detailed world. Philipa Gregory for her Tudor books, e.g the other Boleyn girl,they are seriously good books.

Hannah: FF authors... Ellie, because I love how she manages to get everything across in so few words, if you knwo what I mean. Minisinoo, who does such good character studies. I completely blanked... there are others though.
Hannah: Can I fill it in later? lol
Sue: SURE after all you edit the blog LOL

Any recs for us?
silly Q to ask you
I mean when you rec something
I usually make you go get the interview LOL
Hannah: lol yeah... and anything that I read, you've normally rec'd me
Sue: that too
Hannah: it's weird, I found a pretty good HP/Twi crossover. They are normally a bit funky but this is good so far.
Sue: OHHH do tell??
and are you gonna get the interview?


I love chatting with Hannah and I do chat with her at least once a day. I am experiencing some serious withdrawls because, as I am typing this, she is in Paris with her family having fun at Epcot Center

Hannah is a lovely young lady and truly one of the joys of my life


NEXT time we will have a lovely post done by me and GIA all about Romance in Christmas movies. I have chosen some really good classic Christmas examples and it is my hope that Gia has SOMETHING to talk about LOL

ON WEDNESDAY you will get to find out „WHAT FIC SUE MISSES THE MOST“. This is a story that I love that has not updated since JUNE


So what fic is it that you love that has taken a LOOOONNG time to update??? Leave your input in the comment section.


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