April 9, 2010

Sue's Interview with Crimsonmarie about 'Fourteen'

SUMMARY: High school is brutal. It's even worse when you're not a size two. Worse than that? Having a major crush on the biggest, hottest jerk in high school. Even worse than that? Being paired up with him for a science project.
Ahhh, I know we all love a good romance story. We love to see the pretty girl get the pretty guy, they kiss and all is great with the world.

We have all read the fics where something is wrong with one of them, where their life circumstances throws some wrench in the works and makes things rough on the young lovers.

Bella does not think she is worthy of him.

He does not think he is worthy of her.

Blah blah blah...

So what makes Fourteen different? Why can't these two pretty people get together???

Well, I may be old, but I remember that High School sucks.

YUP. I did not have a good time in high school.

Oh, I made the best of a shitty situation, which is my way but, like the Bella in this fic, I heard those comments.

Spandex enormity

Hey fat ass, suck it in so I can pass.

etc. etc.

And I, being fat now, can tell you that in HS I was NOT all that fat.

Being a size 14 is not acceptable in high school. It makes no difference how many adults go on and on about how size does not matter. In High School appearances are important.

To be "cool" you have to be a certain size, a certain height, wear certain clothes, be involved in certain activities, like certain things and act a certain way.

So, it was with curiosity that this fat chick read this fic.

I have read something else Crimsonmarie wrote. I read her fic Stay... and loved it, really got into it.

Fourteen is like crack to me!

Yes. I said it. LIKE CRACK!

She portrays those feelings of isolation and persecution so well. I remember walking through the halls feeling like I was both invisible AND on display for ridicule so well!!

Of course, my coping mechanism is very different from Bella's, but that is neither here nor there!

So Sue, what the hell is this story about?


Bella is not the tiny petit thing she is in most stories.

She is also not what I would call a BIG girl. She is a size 14. She was always the fat one in her school

And as such, she was always teased tormented and hated for being different.

This girl was counting down the days till graduation.

She had a crush on the pretty boy in her school, and let's say this pretty popular boy is NOT the Edward many of us love.

He is an ass and often leads in the torment of Bella.

That all changes when... they are stuck together to do a project in science.


Of course, the story is more involved than my little tease,s and it's written so well!

Now my dears, here is where I show you the interview. So pull up a comfy chair and get ready to sit in on our silly chat...


( Lots of lighthearted drama happened because me and Jessica both fucked up the time of our agreed skype chat. THANKS to Thirtysomething for helping us both!!)

Sue: Ok Q 1

Where did you get the idea for your story? What was your inspiration

Jessica: Well, while I didn't get the same kind of abuse, I guess, that Bella got during high school, I did get the comments. I was up in the sizes when I went to high school and I always just thought that if one of the popular guys took the time to get to know me, they'd realize that I wasn't all that bad. I just thought that it would be a good idea for a story.

S: I tend to agree, you have a good sized following with this fic (please ignore my bad pun sometimes I just can’t help myself).

J: I know. It's terrifying haha.

S: Don't be so scared, I have been one of your pimps!

I have gotten at least 13 people to read it.

J: Aw, well thank you so much then

S: You're welcome

J: Ack, you're awesome! Thank you!

(tee hee she is acting like I am a superstar, I am so freaking flattered!)

S: awe schucks

S: Q2

Is there anything about your fic or you that you want readers to know specifically before reading?

J: Uhm, not that I can think of. I mean, it was originally only supposed to be a one-shot. I never intended to make it this long with this many chapters and I sure as hell never expected it to become so accepted so easily. I get a lot of people asking me how I get the emotions down so well and I honestly don't know, haha. Like I said before, I went through the comments, so those I know a lot about

S: I was also the big girl at school and I started out HS a size 10-12 and finished HS a size 14-16. NOT that big. Very irritating to see the comments come back to life but, in a way, nice to get it out there.

J: I'm a size 14 now - I've lost a lot of weight in the past few months due to medical reasons and well stress haha but I honestly don't think it's big. Coming in from a high school perspective though, it is to them. Anything over a size six or so is huge to them and it really pisses me off. I wanted to write something real and something true. I did my best Haha

S: I think you caught it well. Teenagers do not get that. Not everyone looks like magazine models. I am thankful I have boys.

S: Here comes the Q that makes authors feel like a tool.

J: Exactly! High school boys' perspectives are skewed sometimes. Haha oh jeez. All right

S: Why do you think people should read your story?

J: Oh, man. If that's not a loaded question, I don't know what is! All right, here we go

S: Not an easy one I know! BWHAHAHAHAHA

J: It really isn't lol I've restarted typing at least 10 times now

S: I am evilllle

J: They should read it because it's different. There aren't a lot of heavier Bella's in fic because she was written as this tiny little person that had boys crawling on their hands and knees after her. Sometimes it's just nice to have a different perspective on characters; someone that everyone can relate to in one way or another

J: Wow, that sounds horrible

S: No, it does not and it makes sense

S: at least to me

S: I read TONS of fic….. TONS

J: lol all right, works for me

J: lol unfortunately, I don't read as much as I'd like I'm always writing Haha

S: and Bella is often seen as the unassuming sex goddess

S: that's Ok I read enough for everyone

J: Exactly! Sometimes it's nice to read her as a regular girl haha

S: Do you have a soundtrack to your story?

J: There's really only one song for "Fourteen" and I meant to put it in my author's notes for chapters but forgot. It's "Apology" by SafetySuit. It works well for Edward

S: Do you do anything special while writing? Listen to music, need complete silence, eat a bag of M&Ms whatever...?

J: I have to have some sort of music on. I hate silence and trying to write in it drives me out of my mind. And I'm obsessed with Arizona Green Tea, so I have to have one of those when I'm writing as well

S: Good to know. people like to know what their authors are doing while writing LOL (cause I wonder it myself)

J: haha well that and I'm always talking to my lovely friend, Angie, who talks me off the ledge. And my Twin, who tells me to shut up when it's needed lol. Those two are my life.


S: Friends like that help. I have da Hoors who keep telling me I am funny and to keep at this bloggin thing

S: and they edit my shit the poor dears

J: lol yeah, they do the same for me. Haha


J: lol they're stuck with my freak outs and my editing and my perfectionist tendancies. I don't know how either of them put up with me lol

S: my spelling and punctuation and grammar suck, they read my stuff and make it sound like English

J: lol I self edit way too much, I can't help it!

S: I understand, I feel the same way about my girlies. I better get them all something nice for Christmas

J: Oh yeah, I'm working on something special for those two

S: sawheet

S: I was shocked that Fourteen is almost over already!

J: haha I'm thinking that the epilogue for it is gonna be rather long. If I can get it to finally work for me, I'd be so much fucking happier lol It's driving me mad!

J: Well, like I said, it was only supposed to be a one shot. My first day writing it, I realize that it wasn't gonna happen that way. I had three chapters and wasn't even sure I was going to post it for anyone to read before both of my girls convinced me to

S: I am glad you did ! A lot of people really like it and now that it is catching momemtum it is almost over!

J: Aw, ty bb ) Hah, that's usually the way it goes for me lol

S: see I read Stay and so I guess I am used to longer fics from you

J: I'm used to writing them, honestly. Keeping the chapters short is a big accomplishment for me lol

S: damn!! Oh one request from a fan show their Ten yr reunion !!

J: chapter was the longest one to date

S: and have all the skinny chicks get heavier

J: already working on that haha

S: damn

J: well, the ten year reunion part, anyway

S: well cause that is what happens when you get older so it would be only natural

J: I know it. I'll figure it out when I get there. It's one of the outtakes

S: COOL I predicted it

J: haha I think a lot of people did

S: No I predicted it FIRST


J: oh, all right lol

S: yeah

J: sounds good to me!

S: I like to be all knowing at least in my mind

J: lol don't we all?

Sue: What actor/actress do you see as Edward/Bella?

J: I always see Rob as Edward. I can't help it. I'm kind of in love with the man haha. As for Bella, well I don't really know... I never really thought about it too much

S: Ok any particular look of Rob's??? I am one of the pattinpervs and I have plenty of photo connections

J: For the story or just in general? Haha

S: either or both

S: Rob pics in posts are fun

J: Oh Rob pics anywhere are fun, honey lol

S: agreed (I LOVE HER! A woman after my heart!!)

J: Uhm hm

J: I see him being all preppy like for the story

S: my personal favs of him are smoking with scruff and manfur showing

J: and in general? Well the one of him with the blue shirt with his hand on his cheek? Gah... Kills me every time... oh those are good too

J: You know, in fact, any pics of him are fucking good for me lol
S: yeah I like him to look a touch older I am old enough to be his mom so it is a little embarrassing to see him looking like he is in HS

S: Do you have a posting schedule? If so what is it?

J: I don't, no. I was moving along really well for a while because I'd waited so long to post. I was so nervous about it that I had, I think, chapters written before I posted the first one And then I got to and I still don't have done. I've rewritten it this will be the sixth time


S: Sorry

J: Why? Lol

S: umm cause I am a reading hoor

J: No worries

S: and I like to read my favorites and I know it will get out there eventually

J: I have the whole day to myself tomorrow so I'm hoping that I'll finish it then


J: I'm hoping. As long as I don't hate this version too haha

S: LOL dont be so hard on yourself

S: I should not complain though, you updated this week

J: I'm an insane perfectionist. I drive Angie and Meg crazy

S: most writers are like that

S: So you are normal


J: Good! lol that's the only normal thing about me then

S: Do you believe in HEA? If so, what kind?

J: I definitely do. For my characters, anyway. And as for what kind, well, it all depends on the way the story went. Most of my stories, Edward and Bella are gonna end up together at the end; that's the way I write and that's probably always gonna be the outcome. Everyone has a different version of a HEA

S: very true

S: Any more fic plans in the future?

J: Oh, tons!

S: elaborate!

J: I have a few collabs planned with some friends and then I have stories of my own that I plan on writing. Two of them are more fantasy and the like than anything, but I'm really so excited about it

S: Thank you! LOL

J: No problem! LoL

J: Let's just hope that I don't fuck it up too badly

J: I swear a lot I'm sorry lol

S: You can swear !! it is alright I am a big girl I can take it (again with the puns!)

S: and I tend to do it A LOT myself

J: lol glad to hear it I can't help it My favorite word is fuck lol

S: Fuck is a very good word

S: What brought you to Fan Fic ? To Twilight?

J: I read the books, obviously, and couldn't stop thinking about them. I wrote in a previous fandom - that shall not be named - and I've been writing in general since I was at least , maybe younger It just seemed to make sense that I'd write something about these characters, too

S: Any reason you do not want to name the fandom? (I can leave that out too)

J:: lol it's just wicked embarrassing and something that I'd rather not be called out haha

S: OHHHH(makes mental note to go diggin for dirt ..I kid I kid!!)

S: What is your background in writing?

J: I don't really have one haha. I just started writing one day - little stories about me and my friends that made absolutely no sense and I never seemed to stop . I love it!

S: WELL lets just say I am shocked to see how young you are and how well you write. I honestly did not think you were when I read Stay

J: well thank you, haha

S: I guess you can take that as a compliment

S: you sound old LOL like me only with better punctuation

J: rofl well I dunno what to say to that haha

S: I know I have such a way with words!

S: not a good way

S: but a way

J: You really do! haha no, you're fine

S: Which character do you most closely identify with? and if you could, which character would you like to be with? befriend?

J: I'm gonna say Bella because of her self-esteem issues. I have those big time and while yeah, I wanted to smack her a couple of times, I was just able to identify with her a lot more than anyone else I'd like to befriend all of them lol but especially Emmett. I love that guy! <

S: He is a sweetie! I loved how he came into the classroom and started talking to her no nonsense

J: She needed it; she needed something. He's always portrayed as the goofball - and I'm guilty of doing that as well - so it was nice to write him being serious and helping out

S: Even goofballs can do something meaningful!

S: What RL authors inspire you?

S: Do any FF authors inspire you?

J: Oh Jeez All right

J: Well, I'm a romance whore. lol I'm the biggest cynic ever, but romance is the genre I go to first. I love Nora Roberts. The way she writes their emotions and everything is just fucking perfect

J: As for FF well, there's AG, of course. WA was the first fic that I read and I fell in love with her writing style. Kharizzmatik (Christ, I butchered that, please fix that for me? haha) is amazing - her story is brilliant and everything ties up so nicely. I'm so envious of that haha

S: Both excellent fics!!! no shock I have read them as well LOL

J: lol there are others, but those two are the ones I think of first

S: Ok

S: Do you have any recs for us?

J: Well, let's see Hydraulic Level 5, The Training School Saga (all of them!), Near You Always, The Fallout, uhm I think that's it? Haha

J: When Fiction Becomes Reality, and A Little Less Than Before are both great, too! I love those <

S: The Training School saga I do not think I have read any of those !

J: OH! And Alphabet Weekends!


S: I love that one

J: Oh you definitely should Written by my good friend TheSpoiltOne

S: I will have to look that up

J: Very well worth it )

S: Good to know!

S: last Q

S: Anything else you wanna add?

J: Hah, hm lemme think

S: me and my deep probing Qs

J: lol seriously, woman!

J: I'm the most indecisive, pain in the ass person ever - ask either Angie or Meg and they'll tell you haha


S: good to know

J: All right

J: Serious haha

S: that is seriously it told you painless

J: lol I feel so professional right now haha

S: I left out the fantasy Question!

J: ah! Ask me!

S: OK you asked for it

J: I have a lot of 'em ;) haha

S: Any Rob Fantasies??

J: *snorts*

S: see

J: Oh, those are quite explicit

S: that's ok my hoors love lemons

J: rofl well, I'm kinda partial to the proposal lemon I wrote in Stay I wouldn't mind that happening with him you know a LOT haha

S: mmmmm

S: That was a good one!

S: ahhhh

J: or the stairs

J: haha

J: I'm kinda proud of the stairs lol

S: OMFG with good reason

J: *curtsies* Why thank you, my dear

S: you are welcome

S: and thank you for that!

J: thank you for not hating me lol

S: I love anxious can't wait to fuck you sex


J: oh!

S: I know people have RL

J: rofl yeah, well, that's a fantasy haha

S: good one!

J: I've been single for …. years now?

S: I would bake him cookies

J: haha

J: oo cookies are always good

J: lol

S: well he is young enough to be my kid

J: that might be awkward


J: haha

S: so I would go all mommy on him

S: Tuck in your shirt

J: maybe he'd like that? Haha

S: button that thing right

S: comb your hair

S: he might!

J: oh well that maybe not so much haha

J: God freaking knows


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