April 10, 2010

An IRREVERENT Friday prayer from AngryBadgerGirl

Our dear beloved AngrybadgerGirl, who has a love for the Rob that eclipses many, has granted us permission to post this prayer.
]We all hope that the movie "Bel Ami" will bring us many things. Mainly we pray for the need of puppy pads, vibrators and our trench coats...

We also hope, that we will not end up snickering at the possible pics of a RobStash

"I snicker just posting that"

We dream of his sexy lips being seen, not hidden by the lipfur.

AND so with that I give you

OUR offering bow your heads my dears

H00rz, I mean ladies, [SNORT] let us join hands in prayer...

Dear ceiling peen,
which art in Edbert's commando-style pants,
hallowed be thine freeballin.
Thy thrust be fun,
thy make us cum.
Give us this rub-out,
our daily ::THUD::
Lead us not into BelAmiStasheFail,
deliver us from pr0n with lipfro...

For thine is the pretty and the gorgeous, forever and ever.



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