April 11, 2010


OK, my dear Fans, I want to tell you about one of the MAIN people behind this AWESOME blog of amazingness.

Have you met our Tanja? T aka provider of RobPorn AKA one of the people who reads over my ridiculousness and translates it from SUE to GERMAN to ENGLISH so you can all read it and actually kinda understand what I am babbling about !

SO to my Dear T, one of the Angels of this blog, I want to wish a super fantastical Bday full of RObPorn and fun and Rob and all that good stuff !

T, honey, I cannot thank you enough for all you do do for this blog and for me personally as a pal. You are the best. We laugh together, we cry together, we bitch together, I love you, my darling.

From Shiv :
Wish I could be with you in London but we'll make up for it for BBR Dublin in July. Have a great birthday celebration *hugs and mwahs*

From Hannah:
Hope you have a great time in London. Can't wait to join you there. We'll have a ball. It's been great getting to know you this past year, and can't wait to get to know you better! Happy Birthday!!!

From AspenLeaf1:
Ich wünsche Ihnen einen wunderschönen Geburtstag, kann in diesem Jahr ein glückliches.

FROM fngrcffs
Happiest happy birthday, Tanya! Have a great day :)

FROM BigGrumpaLumpa
Happy birthday Tanja and thanks for the hard work you put into SYTYCW!! The site is very well maintained and very professional!

FROM Marie_0912
well then happy birthday to the lady who makes Sue's gibberish readable!!!!

FROM YogaGal
Wish her a super happy birthday from me and thanks for being such a fab part of SYTYCW!! xo

From Shell

From Bonnie

From Rae_Cullen
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

From teddikayg
Happy Birthday T! Here's wishing you a year full of good times, love & of course, Rob, Rob, & more Rob! : ) Luv & hugs - teddi

Happy Birthday, Darlin! May your day be wonderful, may your box be full of man porn, and may Chubward show you his blankie! Have a fantastic birthday!


SO to those I may have missed, if you did not see my tweet spam, leave some lovin for our Tanja.

Tanja is CURRENTLY in London so to those who actually get the pleasure of seeing her, give her a BIG WET SLOPPY KISS from me because, well, she deserves it!



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