April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

You know what I LOVE about this Fandom?? No not the smut. Not the pictures of hot men..well yeah I love those parts too NO what I really LOVE is the people and well gosh, we are gonna talk about one them today...
It's that time again... Time for me and everyone Tanja and I could dig up to wish 'Happy Birthday' to someone special in song, words and pictures of the pretty.

Today we are honoring our dear little friend


T will have her bit to say in a few

Hannah is part of staff here at SYTYCW. One of the main ones between her and Tanja. They keep my shit together and I gotta tell you, that is one hellova job .

I met Hannah, a young impressionable child, in the Boom Boom Room aka BBR aka Rob Pattinson Eyecandy room over at Twilighted. Oddly enough we share an affinity for pretty brit boys and Hannah, that lucky little hoor, lives in Britain so when she can find them she gets to see them all the time while I get to resort to the internet.

I was shocked when I found out how YOUNG Hannah is .. she speaks with such ..umm maturity *snicker*

So for you Hannah my little sweet Hannah, who I corrupt on a daily basis, I love you sweetie. I wish you a VERY Happy Birthday. I hope it's full of all of the good things that you should have!! My dear, enjoy your Surprise Bday Post!!! 

From Tanja:
Happy 21st Birthday, Hannah!!!! I hope you have a great day and an even greater party in June! It's been awesome getting to know you via the internet and meeting with you in London. Hope to see you again this year in Dublin. 

From Lisa:
Hope you have an awesome birthday!! Lots of love, Lisa (aka BeachVamp)

From Teddi:

Happy Birthday Hannah! Hope you have a fantastic day/night!! Hugs - Teddi
(yeah I know that's not Rob but really LOOK at him who cares!)

From Mimz:
Happy Birthday Hannah! You're a top notch h00r and I'm glad to have met you. Thx for introducing me to HP fic & the diff British accents (I still don't know dick btw). Hope your day is filled w/copious amounts of spirits & hot men! Ask them, "Fancy a quick one?" and then follow up with, "Ich mag es dick." Cheers, bb!

From Autumn:
Happy Birthday!

From Ellie:
To my dearest Hannah - I can never thank you enough for allowing me to play in your world, grab your character's meat sceptre by the... ball, jaunty his crown, and... in general... play with royalty. All joking aside, you're a princess among us, a true sweetheart and a lovely person. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. Happy Birthday, sweetness!

From Shiv:
Happy 21st Hannah. Have a fantastic day and I'll raise a glass to you tomorrow night and (hopefully) raise a glass for real with you again in July. Hugs to you sweet girl. Breithlá Sona duit.

From Gia:
Happy Birthday, my beautiful British hoor!

From Nikki:                       
Happy Birthday Bitch!

That Banner was made by Twitardgirl she said happy birthday to a fellow lover of the pretty

AND there you have it my friend I hope your bday is full of all the great things Bdays should have!!! 


Anyone else who wished to leave greetings to our Hannah feel free to comment to her umm in comments 



handiangel said...

Thanks so much, ladies! This is awesome on so many levels! Made my day!

BellaEdwardCullen said...

Happy birthday Hannah! LOL I'm TwitardGirl/BellaEdwardCullen/Padme-And-Anakin-4-Ever...But you can call me Emma LOL

But yes! I hope you have an amazing birthday and many many more to come!! And I know what you must be thinking...So much Rob so little time...But a fun time at that! =D Happy birthday hon!


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