April 5, 2010

Filler Blog Post: Pretty Rob

OK I have my shit together I swear!! My author for today is having some serious issues and has to head off to the doc. She promises that she will get me her answers soon!! keep her in your thoughts and prayers cause I know I am!!

ALRIGHTY my filler for today is simple

I am posting some Rob Pretty today. You know those pics of him that make your ovaries scream for MERCY

The pics of Rob that impregnate unsuspecting viewers
The pics of Rob that make you grab the nearest man and say "DUDE let's bone while I think about him!"

It's BBR retro day
(The BBR is the EyeCandy Rob room over at Twilighted)

So since we are in a bit of a pickle today the glorious Tanja has hooked me up with some of prettiest of the pretties

So lets get things started SHALL WE??





AHHHH knocked up again

HERE go watch this Video SMOKE 2 the link is here I swear!!

That Vid BTW was made by the EXTREMELY talented and artistic Nicci one of Da hoors she made it for me cause I LOVE to watch Rob smoke!! it gets me ALL HAWT!!!

and here we have Pics from the OCSARS oh my baby looks hot in a tux..

and NOW onto Cannes I know you have seen them before BUT WHO CARES!!!


That has to be the most fucking beautiful jaw I have ever seen!


I really cant tell who has the better view US from the front or the camera dude in the boat ...hmmmm


So baby was it good for you?
smoking Rob

yeah that's what I thought too...

*Hi, Tanja here, just sneaking in to post this one.... Enjoy!*


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