January 18, 2015

A little house cleaning

Or rather a bit of kindle app cleaning. If you are like me you also have a kindle app or a kindle full of random books. Mine range from the free books I have gotten when they were kindle freebies, or the promo books that are always free , to assorted books from netgalley I was approved for and just never got around to.

One of my New Years goals is to be more organized. So I spent an afternoon sorting. I went through my kindle (well over 200 books) I sorted the books using kindle collections. Books I know I read went into one section, books I know I have not read into another and books I was unsure of into another. Then I added the books to my good reads, of course I did this the hard way before a friend told me Good reads can sync with your kindle (face palm gif here)

My goal to get through and review each book on my kindle. As of the writing of this post I have read and reviewed
At least 10 books on good reads. I suck at keeping track there too. I will try to work out some posts for here of course.
If you are interested in my progress follow me over on Good reads or Twitter or the blogs Facebook.


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