October 16, 2014

I always said I was the worlds worst blogger

Yes I am!
So I missed posting about SYTYCWs 5th Birthday in July yes it happened I did mention it on Facebook
I have good reasons this time
life has been busy
family , I got a job, and my weight loss efforts have lead to less time to read and even less time to blog

I have read some FABULOUS books so Im going to give you some author Recs and say GO SEE THEM

and I will get some posts finished and posted soonish

1) Cara McKenna all I can say is read her stuff because HOLY HOTNESS it is fantastic

2) Penny Watson you really really really want to read her book Apples should be Red I will go into details why in a post dedicated to that book specifically

3) ANY of the number of books by Tiffany Reisz just do it

4) IF you are a gardener get the book The Incredible Edible Todmorden fabulous true story of a town that turned itself around by growing edibles in place of the usual decorative garden stuff. It is inspiring and just brilliant !

There you go have a great day I'm heading out on a walk!

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