June 1, 2014

COVER REVEAL for the HIGHLY Anticipated book The Ropes

I know the Author of this fabulous book already did her own reveal but since I have a bigger mouth and I love to brag and talk about this story and this person I am doing my own cover reveal !!

That cabin door looks pretty small there Ann!
(a bit of an inside ongoing joke let me know if you want in on it!)
So the cover is very pretty ! wanna know what the book is about?


A storm is coming, and Mary Hinsdale is rushing to ready her colonial New Hampshire farm for winter. The ropes that are her lifelines are strung building to building, the animals are bedded down, and her food stores are checked. What she isn’t prepared for is Andrew Montrose.

Andrew, the black sheep of his well-to-do family, is wounded, privileged and playful. Work is something he avoids, and he’s quite good at convincing others to do his for him. He is shocked to learn that not only is he stuck on the farm until spring, but Mary actually expects him to help with the chores.

Tempers flare as expectations clash. Forced by circumstance to live together, they must learn to compromise, forgive, and adjust or they will either come to blows or fall in love.
This book and this lady are both very special to me. I was a part of the Writers Workshop group that helped edit this book. Ann and I have been friends for geez almost 5 years now. 
You will see me pushing this book
here is why 
Ann had an Agent

Ann did all the Agent wanted INCLUDING adding a scene to this book that did not fit the characters or Anns writing style 
the reason she did that 
The Agent said that a non erotic romance will not sell 

As Anns friend and a lover of Erotica I was livid 

I have bought and read MANY books without sex in them 
Sometimes I just want to read something sweet 
something that has that fabulous build up 
something different 
No publishers wanted the book
they say
Historical Romance readers will only read 
Regency Romance
THAT is what sells 

 I say because most of Historical Romance readers will buy something different
 IF it is offered 
MANY of us love the Regency period BUT are sick of it because
THAT is all there is 

WELL LADIES !! I have your something different 
The Ropes is set during the American Revolution

and WAIT till you meet Andrew 
NOW if you want to get to know my darling friend you can
Follow her on Twitter 
and make certain you like her Facebook Fan page

OH and she is on GoodReads 


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