April 10, 2013

Sue's Review of Boys Next Door by Sommer Marsden

 This is a sexy, hot, fun read with the butcher, the baker, and the guy that works for the Electric company.
These 3 little pigs ,they are not really pigs they are guys... Im waiting for the guys are all pigs jokes to finish I'll be patient .. take your time.

these 3 guys live in fairy tale cottages across from the house that Farrels father left her are all hot, sexy, and causing oh so much confusion for the new girl in the small town

This book will have you fanning yourself in places and giggling out loud in others.

I reacted out loud in many places in this book laughing yelling tears etc when that happens you know the characters are well written.

I did not hate the our leading lady, which you know for me is a big deal. I like that she is sexually free and not tying herself down looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Marriage material: she wants to have her fun and not have the messy stuff that goes with committed relationships. SHE is not ready to commit she does not feel she is mature enough for it.

A girl that is realistic about her own expectations of her life!

none of the men in here are super wealthy dudes.
The money talk is not in there, there is no massive trauma involved in this story; there is a foursome, a mystery, and LOADS of hot sexin'!

I am even forgiving the darling Sommer for using one of my no-no words in sex a scene
she used the word nub!!!!!
For use of the word nub

You all know that one annoys me and usually pulls me out of the story. I bet Autumn is so proud of me for not going with the pull out joke here because I do indeed have sex gifs for that!{ed. note: I am, Sue, I really am. That must have hurt, not to use them ;D}

This time it did not (yes I highlighted where she used it) but it did not destroy the sexy in the scene.
for the word nub not ruining the sex

This book was very enjoyable! If you like lots of sexin in your book then this is a book for you. These are very horny characters. This book is porn--some plot, and then some more porn thrown in there. It has silly dialog, cute characters, hot guys, a hot woman who KNOWS she is hot but is not all vain about it.

Let me introduce you to the gentlemen:
 First up we have Deke, the first guy she meets when she moves to this town.
who I see as Deke

of course Sommers view point cannot be denied her Deke

Let's just say that when Farrel and Deke meet they share way more than just a friendly handshake.

Then we have the sweet darling man who gives her some "nice to meet you, welcome to the neighborhood, you have a nice ass" donuts.

I put in hot baker in google I get this I accept

Yes, there is a hot, sweet, shy baker boy  Google will not
give me picture of hot, shy men holding donuts or kneading bread so you will have to use your imagination. or just look at this :

the candlestick maker
Finally we have our third little pig, Hot fella, who is oh so naughty. He is tricksy one--can't really tell good guy bad guy or what. because if I say more I will spoil and if you listen to me tell the story you will miss out on how she tells is and you WANT to read this you WANT to you really really do! What is a girl to do? how can she choose? WHO will she choose?

There are so many neat things that happen in this one, my dears--you have to give a shot!

As you can see I enjoyed it a great deal! I give it 4 stars


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