March 10, 2013

All he ever Desired by Shannon Stacy

After college, Ryan Kowalski decided to leave Whitford, Maine, rather than watch Lauren Carpenter marry another man. Now his siblings need his help to refurbish the family-owned Northern Star Lodge and he’s forced to face the past sooner rather than later when he collars a vandal—and learns the boy is Lauren’s son…
The last person Lauren needs back in her life is Ryan Kowalski. With a bitter ex-husband and a moody teenage son, she has enough man trouble already. But her son needs to learn a few lessons about right and wrong, even if Lauren has to escort him to Ryan’s door every day to work off his crime.
With all this close contact, Ryan and Lauren can’t deny the chemistry between them is as powerful as ever. But can a few searing kisses erase their past and pave the way for a second chance at true love?

Another in the Kowalski family series. Now as you may have heard I LOVE them especially the first book Exclusively yours because well lets just say Joe is special (for this go find my post on Joe I love him)
he would make a pretty Ryan
What I like about this book is it deals with an adult relationship not teenagers not people just starting out their lives This book is one for us grown ups with houses and jobs and kids and exes and lives

Lauren is divorced with a 16 yr old son working as a secretary to a 1 man insurance company.
Ryan lives out of state owns a construction company and shows up on weekends to work on repairing his families ski lodge
Small towns are small you grow up knowing everyone there. These two cannot avoid each other especially when his brother is getting married to one of her best friends.
Stacy writes some of the best male characters you will read they are down to earth and funny and cute and sexy. My only problem with this book is that to me the ending felt a bit abrupt it seemed kinda rushed but it was realistic open ending / beginning and I really liked that too (conflicted it is my name)

Lauren has her hands full being a mom to a teenager who in many places in this book should count himself lucky that
1) he is imaginary
2) he is not mine

He did not do anything too horrible which would have really turned me off to the story while ALL teens have a hard time I am personally sick of books portraying them as uncontrollable beasts who only drink and do drugs and skip school hate all adults and fuck everything that walks while there are some teens that are like this most are not
This book is part of a series you do not have to read the others to follow along with the story line. You get enough of a backstory of the other characters from the other books to know how they fit together in this life with these new people but not enough to make it feel like you are being beat over the head with story from another book

I like Lauren she is a good mom doing the best she can with what life has dealt her
The more I think on it the more I like the feel of this ending I don't need the HEA spelled out for me
SO if you have been meaning to try some of the Kowalski man meat I think Ryan's Story in this book is a good one
4.5 stars 


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