November 13, 2012

Sue's review of The Prince by Tiffany Reisz

 The Prince is the highly anticipated third book in the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz.
As many of you know, I am a bit of a fangirl about this series of books. I understand why some people do not like them and that is OK, but to me this stuff is chocolate (I can't call it crack because this is much more necessary to life than crack and this won't kill me).

At the end of the second book in the series, The Angel, Soren lets his Eleanor (Nora) go with Wesley because he knows that without Wesley Nora is not completely free to be his "little one".

Wesley takes Nora back to his home on a Kentucky horse farm. Remember how we all thought he was this poor little college boy?

Guess who came from money?

Like, BIG money: he is called "The Prince of KY". Who knew?
 (I know where your mind went. Spank yourself for thinking naughty things about virginal Wes.)

What I like about this book (without too many spoilers):

1) I love the backstory of Soren and Kingsley in their youth. I love how their relationship at an all-boys school feels like a kinky high school love story, with all of the fumbling  and extreme feelings. It is a bittersweet feeling reading about it, because you know what they both become as adults. You cannot help but root for their affection for each other to survive, even knowing how they will turn out. You KNOW this is not going to be a fairytale; of course it is no fairy tale even during their affair. It is more like two different lost boys that find love.

2) Another thing I adore about these books is the different types of love that is explored in them, and no, I do not just mean in the kinky sense. Yes, these people are "damaged", but that damage is just a part of them. It is not some deep-seated flaw; it is just there, like eye color. Not something to be fixed or survived, just a part of who they are that they have learned to live with and incorporate into their persona. It does not define them, but it did help shape them and their perceptions (ohh that sounds so damn smart!).

Before I go off on another tangent, I have to talk about the line in this book that is just perfect.
It is perfectly perfect. It is so perfect, it is inspired writing. This is the hand that reaches into the writer and says, "Here, this is a gift for you."

" God closed his eyes "

I see this becoming a popular tattoo. It is a beautiful way to explain what happens. It is not graphic, it is simple and moving and perfect. Make certain when you read that line to tell me how it made you feel, because  I love it so much. I hope everyone melts when they read it the way I did
(I realize this is confusing because you have not read the book; HOWEVER once you get to that part of the book you will remember what I said and be all, "HOLY SHIT! Sue was right!")

yes this is what you find when you google God closed his eyes

These books have a lot of love in them, and unlike most romance novels that love tends to blur between various people. It is not the all-consuming, two leads in love and side characters being in love, with very definite lines drawn between who can and can't have physical contact, etc. Nora loves just about everyone. She has a big heart and has been 'with', in one way or another, just about everyone in this world. Tying her to one love is like trying to contain an element that is beautiful, necessary, and dangerous. What I adore about her is that I never know if she is the antagonist or the protagonist. I just never know about her: she is not evil, but she often does things for someone's own good that hurts, then it turns out for the best. Brutal honesty is what you get when you ask her a question. I guess Nora is right: sometimes there are questions we should not ask if we do not really want to know the answer.

OK, now that I have confused you I will let you guess what star rating I gave this. Take a minute. *taps toes and looks at watch*

Yes, you're right! This one got a 5 stars because it is so so intricate. Yes, you need to read The Siren and The Angel first so you can get to know the characters.

NOW what I did not like:
 I was mildly annoyed with the whole back and forth between the times thing. We would get one chapter in modern times with Soren and Kingsley then--cliffy. Turn the page and you end up reading about what is going on with Nora and Wes. The chapter ends and you are in the past, finding out what happened to Soren and Kingsley when they were in school together.

Here is why this annoyed me:
I am happily reading a long and BAM cliffhanger. I need the answer. I turn the page and I'm in another world. We basically have 3 stories all in one book. It is only because of Reisz' writing talent that it worked. She did a good job of tying the stories together at the end so
there really is no reason for this. Oh! TYING! Get it? lol
we get to see how these worlds are intertwined. 

To sum it all up, here is everything in a nutshell:
  1. Great characters
  2. great dialog
  3. great mystery
  4. great sex
  5. laugh out loud lines
  6. lines that will make you sigh
  7. lines that will make you cry

Now for the promised MadLibs portion of our review! This is so that I can satisfy my need to tell you everything AND so I can satisfy the need to NOT to spoil the whole thing for you:

In the end of the book ______ and _____ were _____ in the ______, and then ____ _______ of ______, and she _______, and then he______ and _____ . Of course at this point ____ ______ and ____ . And as a reader I am all ______ because_____ and _____, and I screamed, "Tiffany you _______ ! How could you _____ to ______ and then ______ and just___ ___ ___ it ____ there???"

My Recommendation to anyone who has enjoyed any of Tiffany's stories is to preorder the book, get your friends together, read with them, and come back here to talk with me or find me on twitter and talk with me about it. I need more people to chat about this book with!

We will have to wait 'til Spring for the next book, called The Mistress.

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Marleen said...

Wonderful, wonderful review that I probably shouldn't have read. I received my e-review copy today and will have the book read and reviewed on November 20th. To say that your review made me even more eager to get any other reading I have to do first out of the way would be an understatement

Arely ZPerez said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to read it! I want all of them for my very own! ;)

tradermare said...

Loved this book. Might be my favorite so far. I'm actually warming up to Soren...

Melanie said...

I'm so in love with this series. Right now, there authors writing BDSM are a dime a dozen. Now finding good ones, are a treasure. I put Tiffany Reisz in my top 3 of erotica writers. I just can't get enough.

Sara said...

Søren, though I don't know if I could handle it. Would be fun trying though. :)

Nicole said...

I love, love, love the Original Sinners series and can't wait to read The Prince. I need more Søren in my life!

Nicole said...

I love, love, love the Original Sinners series and can't wait to read The Prince. I need more Søren in my life!

delilah s. dawson said...

I recently read The Siren on Tiffany's recommendation and really enjoyed it. If we're talking the choice between Wes and Søren, I'd have to go with Wes, as I love horses and can't stand doing what I'm told.

TLammy (April2460) said...

I love when your fangirl shows ;) Excellent review. Read The Siren because of you so it would be sweet if I could The Prince because of you too.

nycpointofview said...

You know how much I love all things Tiffany. And I'm about to post my own review of The Prince. I've been stewing on it for over a week now and kept adding to it. Which probably only makes it such a mess of a review, but that's what Tiff left in my heart and in my head. lol

CharliDenae said...

I'm thinking that Wes would be a 'Keeper'!! ;o)

Thanks for the chance to win! Great review!!

Tammi Girard said...

I'm Team Soren! I love this series so much. Tiffany is a fantastic writer. Great giveaway!!

Forever, Liz said...

IDK about you, but that adorbs puppy is EXACTLY what I pictured when I read "God closed His eyes." Goole is like some crazy Jedi mind reading master.

BonTempsCutie said...

Great post. Such an intense book! And I will keep Wes and take him home with me before anything bad happens to him.

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