August 24, 2011

Find That Fic

Hi, it's been a while but we've been send on a quest to find another fic. Here are the deeds our reader Caro remembers:
Hey there:

So, I hav no idea if you're still doing this section but jic I'm sending this one, lol. It's been driving me crazy not to find this story. Here goes:

Bella works for Jane at an ad agency of sorts and when she quits, Bella is left with her accounts. One of their biggest accounts is for Newton Outfitters and Bella has to handle it, since she worked with it and she knows the owners as well. However, there is another agency that wants to work with them and it's Edward who has to handle that.

In the meantime, we know that Bella has a secret obssession with trashy novels, so much that she pretty much fell for one of the main characters and compares every real life man to this one. He so happens to have the same features as Edward, so the first time she meets him, well ... you know.

That's as far as I got in it, I don't know if the author updated or not, since FFn also seems to be fail at times; or if the author pulled or something.

Hope you can help.


Another email has reached us:
HI! I Love it here! 
E doesn't meet B in Frx due to A's vision, but the Cullens catch up with her in College or Law School? Any suggestions would be great! Thnx! 

So, if you know either of these stories we're looking for, tweet us, email us or leave a comment below. It will be much appreciated. 


Tanja said...

We've reached an email with a possible answer to the first fic:


I think the first fic mentioned in the latest edition of Find that fic might be Life in Postscript by Flibbertigidget:

Let me know if that really is the one you were looking for.

- May

Tanja said...

OMG, that was it. Thank you soooo much. It was driving me crazy, lol. Didn't know if it was pulled or it updated and I missed it or something.

Big sloppy kisses for ya.



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