July 5, 2011

Fandom4LLS - a worthy charity for you to consider

SUE here with another charity for you to consider. 
I know we have a lot of them going on in fandom at any given time however the neat thing about these charities is that YOU can help even if you cannot donate money.

Are you a writer? Then you can write. If not donate 5$. If you can't afford that then tweet about it, post about the charity on your own blog or Facebook. Spreading the word about these charities, making sure that everyone possible knows about them, makes them more sucessful.
Trust me being a big mouth helps!

Here's more about Fandom4LLS:
Has someone in your family been affected by leukemia? Have you always wondered what lymphoma really is? Fandom4LLS has formed to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! For a minimum $5 donation, you can receive a compilation of stories by Twific authors. Also, one of the fandom's very own, ZiggyND, is running a half marathon for the cause. If you are one of the first fifty to donate and email us your receipt and information, she will put a memorial or honorary name on her jersey for the person in your life affected by one of these horrible blood cancers. The event is running from now until Sept 15th for author submissions and September 30th for donations.For more information or to sign up as a contributing author, please visit our website http://fandom4lls.blogspot.com. You can also find us on Twitter @Fandom4LLS or email us at fandom4lls@gmail.com. We hope to make this charitable event a huge success, so please spread the word!


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