June 13, 2011

Fictionista Workshop

I know you have heard of Fictionista Workshop. If not check out my
affiliates page. They're on the web at www.fictionistaworkshop.com and
also on Twitter.

One thing I have found is A LOT of people ask what is Fictionista Workshop?

People have asked if it's like some WC thing?

The answer is not really that simple.

Basically Fictionista Workshop is a group of people, many of them
writers, working together to help each other perfect their writing and
critiquing skills, and in many some cases, preparing their original
stories for submission to publishers.

Sounds neat hey? I thought so and I always wanted to have some kind of
a say in books. As you know I LOVE to read - LOVE IT - but sadly I
lack the talent of a good story teller. What I do possess is a keen
eye for continuity errors and I think good taste. I also love to
research things mostly because I like to learn new things.

So what does this have to do with anything ?

Fictionista Workshop is always looking for people who are interested
in participating in their writing workshops, which usually take place
in the spring and the fall. The workshops which are currently in
session are closed now, but they will be taking applications for new
participants in the early fall.

There are several different roles to fill in these workshops. They are
looking for Writers of ORIGINAL work (this means not a reworked fic).

They are looking for Editors. So if you have a strong grasp of English
and Grammar and Punctuation, which I do not (which is why people
speaking English as a 2nd language do the editing on here), then an
Editor is a place for you.

Another important role is that of Analyst. I jokingly say this is a
fancy word for reader but the Analyst job is much more. You see, as an
analyst you read and look for inconsistencies such as numbers of
things. For example, it needs to be explained if someone mentions that
there is only one of something in one chapter then magically they have
more of that something in another chapter.

Researchers also have a neat job. They make certain that everything in
the universe for that story makes sense in our real world. For example
you cannot have a 14 yr old kid that lives in WI with a legal drivers'
license (legal age for driving here is minimum 16). A Researcher would
also find out if a horse could indeed fit through the door of a
farmers cottage in 1783.

Moderators are a key part of the process. They are in charge of
keeping track of the notes from the meetings and seeing to it that
everyone stays on task and keeps it all nice and neat and organized.

SO if you ever wanted to have a small say in a story or novella that
might get published someday, then apply to participate in the
workshops. All the information is on their site here


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