April 11, 2011

Find That Fic

OK, we have another Quest for you to go on today

This time it is a O/S now we have been talking about this on Twitter and we THINK it might be from a contest.
I read a one shot a few months ago, the date is hazy, and it was high school Edward. He had the regular group of friends but did not really like them and felt that nobody knew the real him. They are pestering him to go to the talent show, and he refuses. UNTIL, he find a note in his locker telling him to go and there will be a person there that will sing his favorite song. He goes and nobody does, He thinks it may be a joke, then the last act comes out. it's Bella and she is singing "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles. now I cannot remember what happens next, or any of that good stuff. Please Find 
So go forth and FIND THAT FIC. Leave a comment at the bottom to let us know what fic it is. Please include a link to the story and if possible the authors summary and of course the NAME of the author and story. If you are unable to leave a comment then feel free to e-mail us at sytycw@live.de



jmasencullen said...

this is it...



jmasencullen said...

oops! hit enter before posting the rest of the info. sorry!

Black Velvet by twiXlite

Graduation present for Shelby. Edward is the popular guy who feels alone no matter who he's with. Can taking a chance on an anonymous letter change that? And what about the shy girl he sits next to in Bio? Can she give him the
comfort and love he needs?

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