February 8, 2011

Find That Fic


Today an email has reached by Mariah looking for two fics she has lost. Here is what she can remember from the stories:

1. Edward is a hostage negotiator called to a bank robbery and inside Bella the manager is being held hostage…they later learn the heist was a cover for the one man to try and kidnap Bella. Bella is also older than Edward in this story…

2. Bella and Jasper have a child together but she left because he was an addict. Later he calls her and wants to meet his son because hes getting married. Bella agrees and reconnects with Edward and finds out that Jasper lied about what happened between them.
You know how it works. If you know the story, leave a comment. Your help is, as always, much appreciated!



Melody said...

I loved The Hostage and was sad when she pulled it. This is the reason I shy away from WIP's now unless it's an author I trust. I asked EBalways on twitter why Laurant took Bella but she didn't answer. :-(

Tanja said...

accidently deleted a comment by Renas40, here it is:

The first fic is The Hostage by EBalways. The author decided to remove The Hostage before completing it, at this stage she has said she has no plans to continue with it :(

Mariah said...

Aw :( I'm so bummed to hear that. I loved The Hostage

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