February 1, 2011

Always A Bridesmaid by inell - a Harry Potter Fic

Hermione is performing bridesmaid duties for the seventh time.

Here is what I want to know from you my readers before I go on:

What do you think of my Harry Potter recs? Did you read them? Did you enjoy them?

So make sure you comment to let me know if you want to see MORE of these great stories. I promise I will ONLY rec completed HP fic. That way you will not have to worry if I found some story started in, say, 2005 that is not finished.

OK, on with todays fic rec.

When I first started reading HP, I read Finding Himself by the fabulous minnisimoo. (In fact, Sue has talked a LOT about this fic - check the page on top saying HP Stuff) It is a Cedric Hermione story and after I read that I CRAVED more of this pairing. So I went on the hunt. SADLY this is not a very popular pairing. 

Now if you read Finding Himself you will know that this is a great couple. In todays fic rec we get to see them be older and a little more mature. We also get to see what is to be the last of the singles amid a group of married off or paired off friends and this poor pair is stuck at a wedding. Not only that, they are IN the wedding party.

We have Harry getting married to Pansy.
We have a VERY pregnant Ginny, married to Neville, that is wearing a horrific color for a red head.
We have a bride in the middle of a melt down.
A groom that tries to wear a rut in the floor by pacing too much.
A horrible aunt, that recommended an even worse caterer so the food is inedible and needs to be replaced.
We get Luna looking to the sky for advice
A justice of the peace that is intoxicated and stealing apples and so inebriated he cannot perform the ceremony
AND a Rita Skeeter attack!

And through it all Cedric and Hermione flirting with each other, trying slowly to solve each problem without the bride or groom finding out.

What things will Hermione learn throughout her stressful day? Will she finally find the someone that will love her for who she is - a bossy, logical 30yr old, independent know-it-all? Will Cedric be able to finally impress the seemingly aloof Hermione and convince her of his sincerity?

Well, what do you think?
I love the way inell tells a story. Her dialog is adorable and the situations are so silly and sadly those of us, that have been in weddings, can attest to the fact that when one gets married Murphy's Law rules the day.

Whatever can go wrong WILL go wrong.

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