January 11, 2011

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED - Fandom for Floods

You know what I LOVE about this fandom?

Say what you want about our assorted "differences of opinion" (insert Gia's maniacal laughter here), but when push comes to shove, we are a generous bunch. We have proven this in things such as the Fandom Gives Back fundrasier for Alex's Lemonade Stand, and again this past year in Fandom Haiti. But recently we've learned that our help is needed yet again. Tragedy has struck Australia - a horrible flood that has devastated the residents of Queensland.

Already there is a group of people that have gotten together to collect funds to try to help in anyway we can. I have some personal reasons why I want everyone to do whatever they can to help out:

1) I have several online friends who live in Australia (HIYA Leis and Sandy and Caitlin!)

2) My son was selected to go visit Australia with the group People to People this summer. Hearing of this natural disaster will make him sad, and he will want to know that everyone is doing what they can to help out. He has been impressed by all of our previous fundraising efforts, so lets not disappoint my boy!

Here is information from one of my friends about the flood :

Someone has a great sense of humor!

Right now in Australia, more specifically Queensland, we are experiencing some pretty hectic floods of biblical proportions. As it stands, 10 people have died (5 children) and there are a further 90+ unaccounted for. The flood is predicted to peak at levels higher than the last flood in 1974 and over the next two days the situation will become dire. The Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Many communities have been devastated. Some families have lost everything. You can help make a difference by donating to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.
At this time, the Queensland Government is inviting financial donations only. Unfortunately this appeal cannot accept donations of goods or services.

Please, do what you can to help the people of Australia:

Donate online!
Make a donation to the Premier’s Disaster relief appeal using a secure payment form.

Donate by Internet Banking

This is a street
The account details for donations are:
Account Name: Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
BSB: 064 013
Account number: 1000 6800

SWIFT code for international donations: CTBAAU2S

Once your transaction is complete, you should record the receipt number for your transaction. If you do not receive a receipt number, contact your financial institution.
If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please forward a request, with proof of donation to:

Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
C/O Department of the Premier and Cabinet
PO Box 15185
City East QLD 4002

Donate by Mail

You can post a cheque donation – please do not send cash.

Cheques should be made payable to:
The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
ABN: 69 689 161 916

Cheques should be posted to:
Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
C/O Department of the Premier and Cabinet
PO Box 15185
City East QLD 4002

Donate in Person

In Australia, donations can be made in person at:
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • NAB
  • Westpac
  • ANZ
  • BOQ (Bank of Queensland)
  • Suncorp
  • St.George Bank
  • Bank SA (Bank of South Australia)
  • Australian Central Credit Union
  • Savings & Loans Credit Union
  • Bank West
  • Australian Central Credit Union
  • Savings & Loans Credit Union
  • Coles supermarkets.

NOW as you know, the Fandom has a unique way of donation. Even if a monetary donation is out of the question, there is always something that can be done... and SUE encourages you to do it!


I want you to use your talent to write something for this. I mean it.


Write me a story. If you need a plot bunny, ASK and I will provide you with one. Sue is good at this.

Leis is gonna give us that info now :


12th January, 2011.

Hello Fellow Fandom Friends,

We write to you on behalf of all Aussies and most especially Queenslanders.

As the world is aware, Queensland, and as of today, parts of the states of New South Wales and Victoria, are being affected by some of the worst flooding in Australian history.

The damage to the State of Queensland is astronomical. Currently, 75% of the State (that’s over 1.2million km2 or over 463 000 square miles – larger than the U.S. state of Texas) has been declared a disaster zone. 10 lives have been lost so far, but the number of people missing and unaccounted for has risen to more than 90. The death toll is expected to rise dramatically as search and rescue efforts continue.

Some towns in middle and western Queensland are flooding for the second time since Christmas.

The news is dire and we need your help.

Fandoms Fight the Floods has been established by a group of eight dedicated and hard working Aussies, some of us directly affected in the crisis. Our aim is to support the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal and to co-ordinate a fundraising effort to raise as much money as possible from the incredible and generous world of Fanfiction.

We aim to put together a compilation of stories from Fanfiction authors. The compilation will be made available to readers who donate a minimum of $5 to either the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Fund (www.qld.gov.au/floods) or the St Vincent De Paul Society (www.vinnies.org.au/home-qld)

This letter is a direct appeal to you, as an author.

We are recruiting writers to the cause.

We would love for you to support us and this effort.

Please take a moment to visit our Blogspot: http://fandomsfightthefloods.blogspot.com

Specific information is available on that site for authors who would like to contribute.

If you have further questions, you may contact us by email: fandomsfightthefloods@gmail.com

Information can also be accessed via our Facebook page (Fandoms Fight the Floods) and by @fandoms4floods on twitter.

We sincerely hope that you can help us by contributing to the compilation.

It will take the State of Queensland a long time to recover from this disaster. Primary Industry, exports, local and national businesses, as well as families, have been severely affected. Some homes no longer even exist. They were simply washed away, along with people’s livelihoods, and people could do nothing other than watch them go.

And this, of course, is nothing compared to watching loved ones being dragged away by flood waters and not being able to rescue them.

Help us, help the victims of this natural disaster.

Yours truly,

The Fandoms Fight the Floods Team


So there you have it guys. Donate. Write. Make goofy ass t-shirts with the website on them and wear them around town - whatever you can do to raise awareness of this terrible disaster. This fandom has always been able to pull together when the need is great, and I think that now is the time to do it again. If you can't donate money or write then tweet and RT everything you see about @fandoms4floods, or contact a favorite author and ask if they are writing for it. Most of all, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!

SUE says so.

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