January 5, 2011

Undiscovered Gems

Disclaimer: Please note that we from SYTYCW haven't read the stories we mention in Undiscovered Gems (at least not all of them). This here is mainly an opportunity for authors to pimp their stories. =)

A Race Against Time by tanglingshadows 

Summary: A group of trackers. One target's scent. A continent. This is the Challenge, and Edward Masen is about find out that in world ruled by vampires, there's no such thing as secrets. AU

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
The world is ruled over by the Volturi and while they appear outwardly to embrace and cherish human life, that’s just a public image. Really, they are just like they have been, controlling and arrogant. 
Living in this world we have a human Bella and a vampire Edward. They have already established a strong relationship, so there will be none of that “does he like me?” angst. It’s going to follow Edward as he tries to save Bella from a dangerous situation that he got her involved in. Like canon Edward, he likes to shield Bella from things and he has kept a secret from her as well as the Volturi.
Edward having a human mate isn’t accepted. 
My story follows what happens after the Volturi find out about his indiscretions and Edward’s attempts to keep his mate safe long enough to change her.
Where did you get inspiration?
How cliché is it to say it was a dream? I had a dream for one scene from it, woke up, and immediately e-mailed my friend Jen about it. After that, I modeled the story around what I knew I wanted. It would be AU and I really wanted to read something that didn’t have the typical beginning relationship angst. I wanted a happy and in love Edward and Bella dealing with an outside problem together. Add that with the fact I had just finished reading The Hunger Games and watched an episode of Buffy and there you go. 
What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic? 
I think it’s very different. The whole story centers on a race between a group of vampire trackers to find a human target. It’s fast paced and I have it completely worked out. There will be twists and turns and yummy lemons in between.


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