October 11, 2010

Sue's Interview with Bronzehairedgirl620 about her fic Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends 

This fic has been pulled by the writer along with all her other stories 

"Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn." These were the inmates of Alcatraz. But Edward Masen, wrongly accused, just might dare to defy it all.


We all know I have a bit of thing for fics set in another time, AKA Period Fics. I like cowboys, I like gentlemen, and I like soldier guys etc. I especially like to see the strong women set in different times. In my opinion Canon Bella fits better in another time.

This fic is set in the 1940s. Lately we have had a rash (in a good way) of fics that surround Edward being in jail.

Like a bad boy Edward? Well, you can't get 'badder' than being sentenced to life is Alcatraz!

Bella moves to town after he is gone, and moves to the Masen house (his old house). Her father is called in to investigate things happening in the town...

So we have murder, we have mystery, but HOW do Bella and Edward meet if he is locked away in Alcatraz??

WELL, that is why you gotta read it!

What do I like about this? You get to "see" his feelings of being basically a kid, put into an adult situation (he is 18). You do not know what really happened. You know he is scared. You want to feel for him, but you also want to feel bad for everyone else involved . You have your small town intrigue and you deal with the frustration of being an outsider in a town where people have lived for generations. They keep things hush hush. The dead girl is automatically made a saint and the 3 boys, who were convicted of this horrid crime, are ostrisized, and their families are basically run out of town.

What about the girl's family and the girl who lost her life? Who is really to blame? What will the relationship between Bella and Edward be like? How will they make a relationship ? And YES I am talking in questions today, because reading the chapters of this story that are up, have left me with more questions!

SO read our interview! See what Bronze has to say for herself. Check out the fic, leave some lovin', OH and if you just adore that Banner, it was made by Robsbuttonsbabe!


What was it that gave you the ‘spark’ for your story? Was it a picture? A moment or event? Can you remember the initial inspiration?
Sort of, it was a progression of things. Initially it was not set in the 1940s. It was a present day thing and he somehow ended up in prison after a shady business deal and they exchange letters, but I visited California and saw Alcatraz and it just sparked something in me. on the trip home I outlined the whole thing and started writing.

Do you have a particular process when it comes to your writing, perhaps a certain mood, environment or music? Do you have any ‘triggers’ to get you in the writing mood?

It is not a particular process I am very sporadic. I do not have an updating schedule cause I am bad. It has to be quiet which is rare in my house. I like to do a bunch of research. I read up on Alcatraz and the 1940s anything to get myself in the mood and then it comes out pretty easy.

Sue: The research is half the fun, you get to learn new things!

Give us an elevator pitch. Say you’re in an elevator with a prospective reader for 2 minutes – what would you tell them about the story?
I would tell them that is completely different than anything they will ever see. It might scare them a little bit. There are not a lot of prison stories out there that I know of. it is not a traditional love story. It is hard to have a traditional love story when they do not get to see each other and he is locked up in prison for murder. No instant connection.

Difficult to put together their own lives with the separation.I think this fic is Different than most stories the readers will come across on this site.

Do you picture particular actors for your characters, or are they someone else entirely? If so, who?
I do not have anyone really. It is so early in the story for me to come up with any faces.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
This one is all planned out, typically they are not. I was very proud of myself when i outlined this entire story. it is logical an organized I am very excited it never happens for me.

Do you have a Beta and would you like to give him/her a shoutout here?

Hydrolic Level 5 author, and LeonMcfrenchington, City of Sinners  Author.
They are both amazing authors and sweet people and I am so excited that they offered to help correct me historically and grammatically.
Gondelier lives 15 minutes away from me so she is on me (to get writing) whenever she sees me.

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
Short answer: Yes! LOL. Long answer: these are the things I have going on:

I have hourglass that has been going on for a year

Le Masque Phantom
3 collabs with leon (Its Leon's Bday today! He is 21(day of the interview))
I am posting him a story
Where The Sidewalk Ends will take a while for me to tell it the way I want to.
We'll see what happens.

What was it that brought you to Twilight fanfic? What is it that has kept you here (besides your own writing)?
gratuitous Ewan pic

I read the books and then got obsessed with them. I have been in Twi fandom for almost 3 yrs.

A friend of mine linked me to The Peonies by sillybella. I never heard of fanfiction before. The Twilight fandom was not that big before the first movie came out. Then it exploded. I have made a lot of awesome friends on here that I consider real life friends. The level of talent in this fandom is amazing.

Do you have a background in writing?
Nope. Aside from traditional high school English classes.
I am currently taking a creative writing class in college. Those are the only times I have ever been "officially" writing.

How about your creative self-confidence? By nature writers tend to be a notoriously insecure lot so how are you finding the online writing experience?
Ummm, I feel like, at this point, I have gotten over the insecurity thing. I have had 2 really long ones that are complete. At first I would be nervous, but now I am like if they like it, they like it, if not, who cares? While reviews are good, they do not define whether something is good or not. Review count is not the breaking point. I want to please everyone and write something they will enjoy, but I do not write for them. I write for me and my own enjoyment.

I find writing is so much more enjoyable now that I have gotten rid of the doubt that went along with being a new writer.

Is there a particular character in your story that you identify with the most?
Bronzes Edward wanted to join the Army

Currently, I would say Bella because she moved to a completely new town for her Dad's job. I did the same thing. I feel for her. I know how it is to go into a new place knowing no one.

Which RL author(s) inspires you?
Yes, John Green. His writing is sort of my inspiration for my story, Catalyst. I read constantly, actual books! LOL. Every time I read something I feel the need to go write something, because I need to try to achieve a level of excellence like in the things I have read. Any author that has published a book out there, I am in awe of them.

Did any FF authors inspire you? What was it that had you reading FF and thinking “I could do this”?

Yes, Leon is my biggest inspiration. If you have read some of his stuff he is just phenomenal. Little clarestar, too, her stuff is really great. Gondelier, if you have not read HL5, do it such a fantastic story. Merevaik, she is Estonian and speaks better English than I do, and her writing is... I just cannot compare. It is that good.

As for being able to think I could do this fanfic wise, I just a went ahead and did it. I dove right in.

What advice would you give to an aspiring fanfic writer?
Alot of people list what dictates good writing. I think people should just write what they want, and not listen to what other people want. You to write enjoy it. Do not let others dictate what you should write. Write for fun. Write for you, not reviews.

If you could have 15 minutes with anyone alive or dead real or fictional who would it be and what would you say to them?
Ringo Starr
Bob Dylan
An Iconic musician, someone that defined music.

15 minutes would not be enough. I would want them to teach me how to change cords on the guitar so fast (she has recently taken up playing the guitar). I want them to teach me in a way that does not make it look like I am spazing.

What is your FanFic Pet peeve?
Bad characterization and perfect characters. I hate when I find the stories where the idea is great and I really want to get into it but the characters have no flaws. Flaws are what make people interesting. For me characterization is the most important. I can't read a story that does not have stories that have great depth.

I can get past even spelling mistakes if the characters make me feel something for them.

just a feeling this might never happen
What is your Fandom Pet peeve?
A lack of respect. I have been involved in several blog bashes. We gotta respect each other, not just the fic but the person involved. Think about the person on the other side of the computer screen. Do not just go around bashing others. We are all on here for the same purpose. No one is better than anybody else.

Anything else you would like to add?
Big thank you to anyone that has read the story, or rec'd it, or read anything of mine. Thank you!! I love this story and I'm really happy that people are liking too!



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