September 1, 2010

Found That Fic Quest 1

Here's what we were searching:

It's the story who's name was "All Grown Up". It was a Bella story, most of all, but has Edward as well. They are neighbors,  she is bff with Alice, who is sister to E and he is older. Over the years, he notices her and they get together, but not for long and them he marries a model, and she marries a Italian musical producer. She sleeps with Edward once, and gets pregnant but never tells E. Over the 2 years go by, her husband dies in a plane crash and at the funeral they all notice the kid looks like E. It's really angsty but really good. She also wrote six degrees of separation. I was reading it when it was pulled, so not sure about that one. Anyway, thanks lol.
and here's what you found

From casp622:

The authors name is Saewod. She removed her fics from FFN, but her page still remains, this is her address:

She has converted all of her works to original fic and placed them at a new site, where she changed names/appearances/key factors/etc, but keeping the plots. The names to some of the fics have changed, but tell her to look through them; I'm sure she'll find what she is looking for there... this is the address:

P.S. that site can be a pain the ass, sometimes you can't log in or it is hard to do so, but just keep trying =)

(BTW, the author commented on the original quest today)

THERE you have it Quest #1 Solved!

We did not get anyone asking us to find a missing fic this week.
If you have a fic that you loved, and can't find it anywhere let us know by e-mailing us at:

Put FIND THAT FIC in the subject line, and give us all the information you remember about the fic :

*a general description

*an author if you know their name

*a genre (AuH Vamp etc)

When we have a fic Quest, we will put it up for others to find, if not there will be an interview on Mondays.

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