August 16, 2010



I want to post 5 times a week crazy I know sadly I cannot keep up this pace alone my kids start school soon so I have two options slow down on posting OR ask for help I am leaning toward asking for help

YES SYTYCW wants you

here is what we need

I need guest bloggers


I do not think we review enough fics here there are so many in just the twi fandom alone and I really have a VISION of SYTYCW being a blog about ALL fandoms call it a kooky dream
SO if you read fic in another fandom LET ME KNOW

IF you love an aspect of twi fic that I do not cover

For example Wolf Fics
Vamp Fics

Angsty fics that Tanja does not have the time to get to

The AuHuman fics that I do I cannot get to all of them

non cannon pairings !! 


O/s too!

I really wanna see Crack fic recommended as well

NOW here is what I look for in a fic
I look for a story that I like
I try to look for a story that would hold up NO MATTER what the name of the characters may be

I know that the idea of interviewing authors is daunting to some
HOWEVER that is how we roll here the idea behind interviewing the author is to find out HOW they do what they do and to get to know them better as people
I use the same questions of every author every time for several reasons
1) I am too lazy to make up new ones everytime
2) I think it is neat to see the answers

As a Guest blogger for SYTYCW
you can choose the story you interview provided another blogger here has not already claimed it
you can blog as often or as little as you like no pressure it is for fun
I get that people get busy TRUST ME I have 5 kids I get busy

So if you wanna join in the fun let me know

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