May 5, 2010

Undiscovered Gems

Disclaimer: Please note that we from SYTYCW haven't read the stories we mention in Undiscovered Gems (at least not all of them). This here is mainly an opportunity for authors to pimp their stories. =)


                                                                         by ReachingAsIFall

Big Sky by Word Ninja

Summary: "Life in Big Sky Montana is hard. When Bella is suddenly left with a failing ranch, she's determined to make it on her own. But when arrogant, gorgeous Edward Cullen offers the help she needs, she has to decide; is saving her ranch worth losing herself?"

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
I'm going to use the words of someone who rec'd my fic on Twitter, because I feel a little gross saying good things about my own work, although I'll be doing that in just a minute.  First, in the words of @bookjunkie1975, Big Sky is 
"... lovely, lyrical, funny, flangsty and full of UST."
And I think that pretty much sums it up.  In this fic, Bella's got a lot of pride and Edward's got a big secret.  While there's definitely some drama, I don't dwell solely on that, and there's some pretty funny moments along the way.  And the UST... did I mention the UST?  Yeah, it's pretty... tense. ;)

The reader should also read this story because I'm writing it almost as a classroom experiment.  I ask for anyone and everyone to feel free to be my "teacher", and leave some constructive criticism.  As a result, each chapter gets progressively better than the last, something even I, the author, can see and appreciate.  It's neat to be a part of a community who is willing to teach and help an author learn how to improve.

Where did you get inspiration?

I didn't become inspired from one certain thing, but rather a few things at once.  I jumped headlong into the world of fanfic, and after reading a few different ones, I saw the opportunity to play puppetmaster with these great characters.  I chose the setting because I've always thought horses, cowboys and Montana were ridiculously romantic.  I'm inspired by landscapes frequently; when I see a field or the mountains I live in, all sorts of ideas start brewing, and this story was a way to explore them further.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?  

Ugh, what a tough question! I guess what I as the author would say is the best thing is the constant improvement.  With each chapter my "voice" and that of the character's get stronger, which is a pretty compelling read.  I think.  I also think the fact that the characters I suppose as a reader the best thing would be the realistic nature of the story with it's touches of romance novel that make it entertaining.  There's nothing like a moment of great UST to leave you panting for more. :) There's also a few surprising moments in there that I think give it more depth than one might expect.

I could be totally wrong though; the best thing could be the pictures that go along with it.  But I'll let you judge :)


Summary: When Edward Cullen scores an entry level internship as a writer for his distant Uncle’s TV Station immediately following College, his life becomes much more complicated than he ever thought it would. AH, BxE, Rating it L for Lemons, Laughing and Language

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?  
It's funny and lighthearted, zero'ing in on the fun and awkwardness of love, instead of the complete angst of love...Edward is only a tad unpolished and yet, he manages to be sexy as hell too, the way he can woo a crowd and manipulate the idiot, Mike Newton...also, Bella is not a wuss.

Where did you get inspiration? 
A friend of mine and I were looking at manips one day, and we came across some really bad ones of poor Robert with a tie and in front of a microphone...I thought, how funny would it be for him to be a stand up comedian?  Then my friend added, that WASN'T FUNNY!  Then as I realized, I didn't think I could come up with a whole stand up routine for him to do over and over and over again, so I decided to go with a writer, who writes funny lines but is a little uncomfortable in his own skin.  Hence...the creation of Cullen, Unscripted.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic? 
It's not going to be cry-worthy.  Cry worth is good, but there are lots of those fics out there already, the world of fan fiction needs to laugh more.  I think.


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