May 31, 2010

SUE and MOLLS' interview with TaraSueMe, Author of TS, TD and TT




AHHH, so what can I say? Ummm... hmmm...

Ok, you know I like to feature fav authors here, on the blog, and I do my best to give my readers a mix of the "big" authors and the lesser known ones.

SO today my treat for you is this:

TaraSueMe agreed to give Molls and me an interview. Molls has a SERIOUS love of all things from the Domward Trilogy!
And me? Well. you know me! LOL
This interview was done before the flood that devastated Nashville, which, BTW, is Molls' home
Molls would have liked to have done the write up about this story, but over the last few weeks she has been busy, not only cleaning up her own home, but helping out her neighbors and town. So I get stuck doing an inadequate job so to Molls, ILY, and to Taram I wish I could do better. I know Molls would have done something spectacularm but I will give it the old College try!

I was introduced to Domward by Molls, way back when. FOR THOSE who have not read this trilogy of fics, they are:
The Submissive : the story from Bella's POV
The Dominant: the story from Edward's POV
The Training : the sequel to the sub/dom, which goes into details about how these two now will navigate their lives.

Like I said, Molls told me (ordered me) to read it. I was floored by this fic. It was one of the first fics I had read, and since it was a very popular fic it became a sort of canon in fandom (Hannah: AKA fanon), which other authors have tried to duplicate.
I think the most fascinating thing about this, is the big difference between the POVs. You MUST read these stories in order to get the full effect. In The Submissive, you think that Edward is in control. However, when you get to The Dominant, you get to see that things are not always as they appear.

As with many stories, this trilogy is not for everyone. And you know what? That is OK. If looking into a dom/sub relationship is the kind of thing you are interested in, then read it and remember to leave lots of lovin'.

Now, onto our interview with tara (and watch out for the surprise in the middle LOL)!
To try to make this more readable, Molly is my friend, Molls also known as Anomolly.
In this chat, I am ME.
Molly : Did you send me the questions yet?
sheesh? I gotta do everything?
me: yes you do you are not just a pretty face
Molly : sure I am
me: OK a pretty face with great tatas happy now
Molly : indeed!!!
tara sue me: Hey!
me: HEY!
Molly : I'm sooooo excited Tara!

at this point I learned that Tara and I have something in common she also has issues with spelling those of you that know me and Molls know that this is something Molls LOVES to tease me with ..I felt so vindicated LOL

(here we gave Tara the link to our Qs)

me: If you do not like a Q feel free to refuse to answer I am so laid back I am barely conscious
Molly : Or you can channel Domward and let him answer squee teehehe
me: oh I would have different Qs for him
he is all Bella all the time
I think i would wanna meet him before that
but I am a weirdo
tara sue me: You'd want to meet him before he met Bella?
me: YUP
Molly : HELL YES!
me: he is committed now
and would not play
tara sue me: Ah, gottcha.
me: YEAH
I mean now he is all nice and rehabbed by Bella's love and everything
I like my guys messed up
again I am weird
not for anything long term

Molly : I can't believe that people were actually thinking he'd share. Srsly. They must not have been reading the same story as me.
me: I KNOW!

tara sue me: IKR?

me: I knew he would not share back in the Sub
well back in the Dom
tara sue me: I'm like, dude, have you not read anything?

me: not the sub
he was WAY too over his head in heels in love with her to ever share
and at the core he is selfish in that

tara sue me: But A.LOT. of people thought he'd be sharing at the party, it wasn'st just one or two.

me: and fearful that if he shared her he might loose her

Molly : Wow. Were these sort of newbies?

me: THAT is bizzaar I did not get that from reading it at all

Molly : (I haven't been on the boards in sooo long)

me: I got all caught up on TT last night
Did they read The Dom?

tara sue me: I think people expect authors to go all crazy on them sometimes.

me: WELL that part would not be very unusual

tara sue me: Must be a lot of crackfic out there.

me: some authors have had some out there ideas
but that would completely change his core character

Molly : Srsly for reals

me: and that is something that does not happen often to people
So long as he does not turn out to sparkle I am OK with it

tara sue me: EXACTLY. Having characters act out of character is my number one pet peeve.

Molly : bwahahaha

me: WELL that is good to know
cause that is ONE of the Qs
tara sue me: hee hee no sparkles.
me: shimmer?

Molly : Speaking of questions... Shall we get started?

me: YES

tara sue me: Sure


Molly : That means STFU Sue

me: OH I guess

Molly : ILY

me: Keep it up I will make you edit this chat
ILY too
Molly : You know I will anyways cause well, I'm a fucking anal perfectionist like that

(For reasons outside her control Molls was unable to edit this chat so SUE had to forgive me for any mistakes)

Molly : Soooo, Tara. Thanks so much for doing this interview with us. I'm sure you know I'm probably Domward's number 1 fan next to Floridachickie

1. What was it that gave you the ‘spark’ for your story? Was it a picture? A moment or event? Can you remember the initial inspiration?

tara sue me: well, TWILIGHT Edward always seemed to be a natural Dom, so I went looking for some BDSM ff and found very few.
I've written my own Original Fiction before, but had never written anything smutty, so I said to myself, "why not?"
I'd always wanted to try my hand at smut.

me: DANG
and you do smut so well!

tara sue me: blushes Thanks.

Molly : Indeed, you do. I can't tell you how many pairs of knickers have been ruined thanks to you & Domward.

me: You may or may not know it but MANY new authors refer to The Dom or The training for ..well tips

tara sue me: So people have told me, it makes me blush more. I mean, I had to force myself to type, "cock" the first time.

me: LOL

tara sue me: Do it, tara. Do it.

me: I am a hoor so things like that come easy
as does the innuendo
sorry I am really a 12 yr old at heart

2. Do you have a particular process when it comes to your writing, perhaps a certain mood, environment or music? Do you have any ‘triggers’ to get you in the writing mood?

Molly : I know you used MsK as a go to for some of your insights, but did you do a lot of other studying up?
Dude, Tara has been known to write whilst one of the little ones was in ballet class or something, right? I know I don't have it completely correct, but I remember that from sometime last year.

tara sue me: Which one should I answer first?

Molly : either/or :)
I can make it work

tara sue me: Okay, well, as for writing process, I can write anywhere. I always carry a notebook , because you never know when inspiration will strike or when the characters will start talking.
Somethings, though, you have to force yourself to do it. Butt in chair = wordage, you know?

As for research, there's actually not much BDSM in The Submissive. But I did some reading before and while writing it.
MsK has been a HUGE help and I"m not lying when I say I couldn't do TD or TT without her. She's always quick to offer advice, answer questions or tell me when i've written something unsafe.
Molly : I miss circle time.
tara sue me: Me, too.

Molly : Yeah.
That's how she named me Cum Suck Fuck CSF for short!
tara sue me: HEe hee hee

me: and you call ME a dork

Molly : bite me

me: where?

(Question 3 was left unanswered because we decided to talk about the Superbowl)

Me : We'll just talk SUPERBOWL instead

As you know my hubs has read your body of work
he is a HUGE fan
and he is upset that it is end of the month and he cannot be here for the interview
Molly : Cause I am still determined to have a Monday night game at LP Field and pull off a reenactment!
tara sue me: Do it!

me: he was all fangirly this mornin and everything

So Hubs' comment was you made his desire a trip to see a Super bowl even more
 and he is a HUGE Football nut
did it occur to you while writing that the impact it would have on others?
did you think your series of fics would be as popular as they are and become a part of Ficdom canon
tara sue me: I never thought they'd have such an impact, i'm still blown away.

me: I think it was Domward that won the Favorite -Ward in our ficdom poll
I know someone was stuffing the ballot box...

Molly : (I may or may not have a little something to do with that.)

tara sue me: before TS, I'd written three stories or one shots that received very little response.
me: IT really has become it's own canon

tara sue me: And TS was really a way to stretch myself and see if i could write smut.
Never did I expect the response.
me: I like seeing the growth of your writing through the 3 fics
you can see the refinement in each story
tara sue me: Thank you, that's so encouraging to hear.

I really have grown more comfortable with my writing voice over the last yerar


4. Do you picture particular actors for your characters, or are they someone else entirely? If so, who?

tara sue me: Not really. I know a lot of people picture Rob, but in my stories he's older you know/\?
THe face is rather vague at times.


Molly : Older Rob for me.

tara sue me: Yeah, maybe an older ROb. I'd have to see how he ages.
Or colin. slurp

me: colin firth I have a bit of thing for him

Molly : I deleted my Rob folder on my office PC, but there's this ONE photo that has Domward written all over it.

me: a VERY healthy obsession
OH I think I know the one

tara sue me: You'l have to link me.

me: with the smoke in the background?

Molly : The side view?
From Cannes?

tara sue me: Teases.


Molly :

I didn't even think about looking in my PB!!!
That photo slays me because he looks so much older

tara sue me: OH, pretty. That's a saver.

Molly : Yup. My knickers just combusted!!!

tara sue me: Sorry, I was saving.

*Edward clears his throat from back of the room*


Tara: I’m not interviewing you today.

Edward: I know. You haven’t interviewed me in months.

Tara: I’ve been busying writing.

Edward: *nods to Sue and Molls* I see that.  Lots of writing happening here.

(SUE and Molls sit in stunned silence)

Tara: *mumbles under breath*

Edward: Stop it, Tara.

Tara: You have a reason for being here?

Edward: I wanted to pass along some important information to all the blog’s followers.

Tara: *waves arm*  The floor is yours.

Edward: Molly lives in the great city of Nashville, which as many of you know was devastated by flooding. For her birthday (May 18th), she organized a fundraiser and made over a grand for flood relief!

This is where I ask that you all try to help.

You can go to the Red Cross, Hands On Nashville or The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to donate.

REMEMBER, a donation does not have to be big to make a difference. Do what you can, 50 cents, a dollar, 5 dollars, whatever! Just do something and leave a message letting Molly know that is what you got her for her Bday.

Also, another great idea has come from the Fandom to help relief efforts, check out Fics for Nashville

Molly: Thank you so much for that Mister Cullen. You can bend me over and spank me any time you'd like. *wink*

Edward:*smirks*  Ladies *he turns and leaves*

Sue: umm wow umm yeah WOW

Molly: *picks panties & jaw up off floor*

Molly : :D
Now that I've had a few minutes to collect myself, let's move onwards...

5. I know we're closing in on the end of the series, but is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?

tara sue me: I always, always, always plan and outline FF. It may just be a word, chapter 30 in TS was "turpenitine".
But when you're posting as you write, you need an outline so you have a known arch and you get done what needs to get done.
NOw, having said that, TS 18 (the piano) was never in my outline, but it fit, so I added it.
It's hard knowing TT is ending. I could write forever, but it needs to end. Nothing should go on forever.

me: Something funny about Turpentine, as you know people keep using that when they have a bad day and they have had enough they yell out Turpentine
hubs got a flat tire

and he looked at the sky and yelled TURPENTINE
  cracked me up
oh well carry on

tara sue me: HEe hee. Who knew? I certinally never imagined.

Molly : I use turpentine quite a lot myself
"I call turpentine."
Speaking of funny stories real quick...

me: K

Molly : I had to share this real quick. I got this email on my FB this morning from my cousin in MS...
OK, so I admit to being a facebook/twitter stalker in advance...

Saw you had commented on twitter to somebody 'bout something, don't even remember what, now... Anyway, clicked on her (tarasueme - cute name) then on her fanfiction site. Have just finished reading her Edward & Bella Dom/Sub story. Holy shit!

Ok, so it's probably a little creepy/stalkerish how I got to her stuff, but I'm glad I did. You have cool friends. :)

tara sue me: Oh, I love it.

Molly : IKR!!!

me: I read the Sub cause molls made me do it
back when we were in the BBR
she is bossy like that

tara sue me: It was a huge word of mouth story.

Molly : I was like: "HOW have you not read that?!?!?!"

tara sue me: A lot of people wouldn't read it due to the subject matter.

me: I had just started readng FF though
so I had an excuse
I read the Dom cause I LOVE EPov
when done well

Molly : And Sue knows it's good if I rec it, cause I don't rec shite.

6. Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?

tara sue me: Not right now. I've been in TS/TD/TT for over a year adn i really need a break.

 And I really need to concentrate on my original fic as well.

7. What was it that brought you to Twilight fanfic? What is it that has kept you here (besides your own writing)?

tara sue me: My first ff was written before Breaking Dawn came out. I wrote it while waiting for the book to come out.
THen I decided to try writing smut and Twilight universe worked well.
I stay because I think we're all fabulous people. I never expected to meet and make the friends I have. It's been awesome and humbling.

Molly : I'm combining the next 2 Qs

8. Do you have a background in writing? Has the fanfic experience expanded your creativity? How about your creative self-confidence? By nature writers tend to be a notoriously insecure lot so how are you finding the online writing experience?

tara sue me: I've been writing original fiction for four years and I have a short story published. FF has definitely let me strech myself - i feel comfortable wirting first pov now.
I'm horribly insecure about my lemons, but i think that comes from writing and rewriting nad rewriting. But, my confidence is grwoing.
Lastly, I've always known I was a sparse writer, but I"m growing more comfortable with that as well. It's my voice. It's me.

10. Do you tell your friends and family that you’re an online author with a devoted following, or is this something that you tend to keep for yourself?

tara sue me: Oh, hell, no. No one knows. No one. No one. No one.
(that I know of)

Molly : :D
I keep the extent of my obsession fairly quiet.

tara sue me: IKR?

me: everyone I know knows

Molly : It's my guilty little obsessive pleasure.

me: but I do not know many people

tara sue me: I should be more free.

Molly : Except L knows

me: my MIL even knows about my blog

Molly : And he gives me shit

me: and what it is about
she does not read it

tara sue me: Really?

me: but she asked for non smutty FF
for me to print out for her
she loves romance stories
but not sex
she said sex is for one thing
making babies
she is weird

tara sue me: I'd say.

12. Is there a particular character in your story that you identify with the most?

tara sue me: Not really. Bella is a lot more confident than I am and she's more outspoken
Not so much Domward either.
In that i'm not a male and not a Dom in any way, shape, or form.

Molly : Do you identify with the submissive side of B?

tara sue me: I'm much more submissive than Dominant. So yes, to that.

me: I like how she matures in her desires and comes to accept them more readily as the fics move along

tara sue me: I imagine it would be quite the life change. Remember, we've only really cover six months of her life. THat's a lot of change.
A lot ot accept.

Molly : indeed!

me: Hubs wants you to know that he giggled like a schoolgirl while reading the trilogy in a good way

tara sue me: I love it when men read my stuff.

me: and I can tell you he was downright giddy when you followed him on twitter

tara sue me: <3
It's hard for me to keep up with twitter sometimes.

Molly : I printed TS off for L to read last year and he started and was like "What? There's actually A PLOT?!?!?!?!"

tara sue me: HAHAHAHA

Molly : Men!
<<< Likes plot with her smut, thankyouverymuch!!!

me: Dave was happy to read it he asked for Recs for fics to read on twitter and I asked for him as well cause I read TONS of stuff and someone told him to read those so I gave him the link
he polished off the sub in an evening
then did the Dom the next night

tara sue me: Wow, that's fast.

me: and then TT the following morning
he is a VERY fast reader

tara sue me: Whew.

13. Which RL author(s) inspires you?

tara sue me: I love Diana Gabaldon. I'll read anything she writes and I'll buy it in hardback the day it comes out.
She's the only author I'll say that about.
THough I have to tip my hat to Stephenine Meyer, since I've been borrowing her characters for the last year and a half.

Molly : :)
Her characters are great, that I can say for certain. :)

14. Did any FF authors inspire you? What was it that had you reading FF and thinking “I could do this”?

tara sue me: Not really. I used to read a lot more fanfic than I do now. I'm really ashamed to admit how little fic I read.
I know there are a lot of great writers out there.

me: I read enough for both of us hon

tara sue me: I have a list to read once TT is finished.

Molly : I have a couple to add to it for you ! :)

15. I know we've taken a lot of your Friday morning, so let’s have some fun. What would your porn star name be? That’s the name you get when you combine the name of your first pet with the first street you lived on – Me, I'm Dumplin East Lake.

tara sue me: Excellent, send me the list.
Oh, dear. I'm Buffy Wood.

me: LOL

Molly : bwahahaha

me: I am JaquesLincoln

16. Give us a Random Fact about yourself

tara sue me: Uh, I play the saxophone.

Molly : sweet!

tara sue me: Really badly.

17. If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward, FF or SM's, which one would you choose and what would you do?
(If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards, feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFach or Jackson)

tara sue me: Impossible to pick just one. What an evil question.

me: you have to though!

Molly : I know MY answer to this one!!!

tara sue me: Okay. I'll say canon Edward. That man is complex.
But then there's Rob. . . .
Oh, hell, I go back to my original answer - EVIL QUESTION.

Molly : bwahahaha.

me: You know feathers mmmm took 3
and I let her

tara sue me: Is that legal?

me: not really
but I like to cheat

Molly : but go for it
We'll let you have 3

tara sue me: I'll go for two: Rob and canon Edward.

me: and what would you do with them?

Molly : (my mind flew right into the gutter there, btw...)

tara sue me: I"d invite them over for tea and cake and we'd sit on my front porch and watch the cows.. .
Or not.

Molly : My inner slut squealed TAG TEAM!!!

me: tea a cake
would this be like lady tater's teas with Rob thing we used to do at the blog?

tara sue me: Yes, ROb is the tea and canon Edward is hte cake.

me: she spiked her tea with Jack

Molly : Don't go taintin' my family now, Lady Tater!

(that is Pomme De Terre)
we call her tater

18. What is your FanFic Pet peeve?

tara sue me: Pet peeves?

me: things in fic that annoy you

Molly : Such as popping the proverbial P or OOC characters

tara sue me: I have a few.
  1. Abuse fics. Especially ones that pretend to be BDSM. 
  2. characters that act out of character and 
  3. Stories that are too long. It's hard for me to take off my original fic author hat and original fic is supposed to be between 80,000 - 120,000 words.
Fandom petpeeve- the drama. It's fanfic people.

Molly : A to the everlovin' men!

tara sue me: I mean, I don't allow my kids to act the way a lot of the adults act, you know?

Molly : Exactly. The drama turns my stomach.

me: It is supposed to be fun
and not be taken that seriously
when it stops being fun walk away for a while

tara sue me: I couldn't agree more.
Let's see.

20. I want to be a published author when I grow up.

Molly : Seriously. I think it's a popularity contest to a lot of people and I just turn the other way.

tara sue me: Yes, I hate that.

me: I am not popular I am just well known a loud mouth

Molly : Nooooo shit. That's why I'm constantly telling you to STFU!

tara sue me: I try to be friendly and nice to everyone. I try to live that way too.

Molly : that's cause you're awesome & sweet & a proper southern lady!

tara sue me: blushes Ah, thanks.
My momma would be proud.

Molly : Unlike me - a hellraiser! :)

me: I am loud mouth it is part of my charm!
I say the things other dream of !

tara sue me: SOme folks can get away with it.

me: like telling bass players with great hands they are hotties

tara sue me: I'd like to be more loud.

Molly : oh shit. shut up about bass players

me: I look like an elderly auntie so I get away with it
you love bass players though!

Molly : I do love bass players and their loooooong fingers!

tara sue me: Mmmm. fingers. . .

Molly : Anything you'd like to add Tara before your lappy dies?

me: OH my this one guy I saw YUMMMYY
and he was a tall drink of water
he almost tripped over me
cause I am short

Molly : are you talkin' about my fella that I pointed out to you?

tara sue me: Nope, just thanks for having me. I feel honored to have been asked.

me: oh you are welcome and thanks for doing this !
YES Molls I am talking about YOUR Bass player
the one I would have chatted with for you
but you told me NO

tara sue me: Got a picture.

me: hell I offered to feed the band and crew

Molly : It was an honour for Sue to ask little old me to do this... And thank you so much, Tara! ILY long time!!!

me: OHH show us the picture I love picture time!

tara sue me: No, no, Thank you!

me: LOL
mutual admiration society

tara sue me: Sorry, that was a question. I wanted to see the bass player.

me: oh damn
I did not take any pictures

Molly : 

tara sue me: yummy

me: OH YES he is yummy
and very polite
he patted my shoulder and said excuse for almost trippin on me
(At this point, we once again wondered off topic, discussing the merits of bass players. Then Tara had to leave our chat so she could get back to work before her laptop battery died. There was lots of mutual love and affection and thanks etc.)


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