May 21, 2010

Real men wear skirts

HOW did a German a Brit and a midwestern American start talking about kilts??

It all began one day in skype Tanja Hannah and I were well talking about guys that led to talking about Harry Potter movies that led to talking about the guy who played Oliver Wood

you know

Sean Biggerstaff (that name sends me into giggles cause I wanna know if it is TRUE or only wishful thinking...)

Hannah found this pic of him and Tanja and I ohhhh'd and AHHHH'd over it which led us to talking about men in kilts

As you all know, I have a great appreciation for the male form.

I like to look at pretty faces and pretty bodies... or just pretty body parts (minds outta the gutter girls!).

You know you have seen them. Some guy with a great body and the so-so face, or the guy with the awesome face and skinny as a stick, or...

Do I really need to go on? I think not.

SO what the hell does this have to do with anything?

I am talking, today, about appreciating MEN'S LEGS!

We are talking kilts.

A great thank you goes to Scotland, and their forefathers for coming up with this LOVELY garment.

And today we are here to answer the age old question.

What does a real man wear under his kilt?

Go ahead and start chanting girlies! I know you want to (Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!).

You hoors.

HERE is one comedians theory of HOW Scotsman came up with the kilt idea

SO the reason behind this post?? It gives me an excuse to use the song, 'The Scotsman', and look at men in kilts! 

I got together with Hannah and Tanja to comb the internet, to give you all OUR perspective on men in skirts! We have found that our tastes vary on the kind of men we find attractive in kilts Hannah leans more towards the lovely Rugby players I admit I find them fascinating with their strong calves

I must say Tanja and I were impressed now we know why Hannah is so interested in sports! As you know I REALLY love to laugh so for me the best pictures had to be the Kilt Mishaps pics THESE prove that real men wear NOTHING beneath their kilts

These men learned a VALUABLE lesson that I learned back in Catholic grade school Pleats and wind DO NOT MIX Then of course there is this bunch

OBVIOUSLY their Daddies never taught them how to sit in a skirt ! for my more uhem innocent readers that bit hanging between his legs is NOT I repeat NOT hemoroids that is a scrotum To erase that image from your mind allow me to tempt you with some of Hollywoods finest in kilts HERE we have Gerard Butler this man has it all a fine sword the accent and the legs to pull off a kilt !

yeah that is all kindsa hot! I have no idea who this guy is nor do I care cause this is one of those cases where I act like a guy and just don't ask names grrrrrrrr

I mean really if you saw him walking down the street in that get up what would do?? Pray for a stiff breeze? Run up and say HEY you wearing that like a traditional real man? or walk away giggling I think you all know what I would do!

I have new furniture and I would let him  stand on it if he promised to wear that outfit !!and trust me I am a TYRANT about my new furniture
For all you Harry Potter nuts out there I give you Alan Rickman in a kilt 


WHO KNEW that under those robes Snape was hiding those legs !! I am starting to run out of funny things to say about MEN IN KILTS so let's look at some more Celebs in them

We have in the first picture Cam Gigandet (I probably spelled that wrong) I think he has lovely shoulders yes I am looking at his shoulders The second pic is Gerard butler and Ewan McGreggor it seems to me that men in Kilts kinda flock to one another for moral support
Keifer Sutherland

AND last but not least David Tennent for those who have no CLUE who he is he played Dr Who one of many and several argue that he was one of the best (I outta know hubs and I have that fight ALL THE TIME)

SADLY I could not find any pics of Colin in a kilt I am heartbroken really perhaps someday I will get lucky ! OR someone who is better at Google will find me a pic

I POSTED THIS without checking the spelling so if things are wrong just suck it up and look at the pretty pics to take you mind off of my assault on the English language

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elusivetwilight said...

Ah, the kilt. Ye cannae go wrong. Every man looks good in a kilt.

Funny story...

When I got married, all the men in the groom's party wore kilts, from my husband to the ring bearer. Before the reception, our wedding party greeted the guests as they went into the hall. Now, the area we were standing in wasn't large enough for all of us, so my brother in law stood on the stairs. In his kilt.

The stairs weren't solid. So I suppose if one were to look up, one might actually have seen EXACTLY what my brother in law had under his kilt.

And it's very rare to see an Englishman in a kilt, unless he has specific Scottish roots. I would imagine Mr Firth has never donned the kilt. xo

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