April 11, 2010

Undiscovered Gems Volume 2

DAANG! So I am guessing this is a feature folks are a-liking! I am glad to be of service to you, as your fic dealer!
So here we have some more lovely undiscovered gems in the Twific world. I have read 2 of them!!

So, my dear friends, I ask that you give these fics a shot. Who knows? Together we may discover the next big thing. That fic that sweeps fandom by storm. Don't you wanna be the one to say, "HEY! I remember reading that back when it was an Undiscovered Gem!!" I know I do!

NOW if you have an undiscovered gem you would like to have featured here. then follow the RULES and send it to me.
Authors should be the only ones submitting the fics for Undiscovered Gems. If readers love a story and want it on UG, they should tell the author about the feature and how to submit their story.

Healing the Divide by secamimom

Summary: Bella and Edward have loved each other practically their whole lives. Can they heal their relationship when tragedy strikes?

When I saw that pic, I immediately thought of the Edward in my story. It just feels right to me.

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
I have read a lot of fanfic. I like to think my story is very original. Now, I myself, might now have run across this story line but I am sure others have. I think that my story portrays the emotions Bella and Edward feel in their situation very well.

Where did you get inspiration?
I was actually lying in bed one night and was just trying to come up with ideas. I wanted to write something that wasn't just smutty. Now yes, I love smut and lemons as much as the next person, but I love a good storyline as well. So I began to think about what would draw lots of emotions. I thought about my children. I thought about how Edward and Bella would handle it if something happened to their child. And that is how Healing the Divide came about.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
Some people might find this utterly ridiculous, but I think the best thing about my fic is the emotion it is drawing out in my readers. They go from snotsobbing to raging mad at Edward.

So, thank you for your time and letting me try to convince you to read my little fic.


Summary: Edward and the Cullens left Forks for the second time after the battle with Victoria and the newborns – this is set two years after this. Bella was heartbroken but found solace in her best friend, Jacob Black, and they fell in love. Bella is utterly in love with Jacob, but her past is only waiting to catch up with her...

Banner made by m81170

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
I think it's quite a different take on the post-Eclipse storyline. Edward has left Bella two years previously, for reasons which I illustrate in a flashback. She's become involved with Jacob, which I think she would do due to the fact Edward was there. However, she has started to think about Edward again...It's written from Bella's POV, and I've tried to convey Bella's narrative voice, especially her insecurity and introspective nature. There are also EdwardPOVs in later chapters, as he returns (without wanting to give too much away!). I've stayed as true to SM's characters as I possibly can, as I don't like it when people make them too OOC.

Where did you get inspiration?
Eclipse, particularly the part where Bella cries on Edward's shoulder over loving Jacob. I've always wondered just how much that affected him, and if it was possible that he could have believed that she didn't love him enough due to the fact she cares for Jacob too. The idea for the story was born from that - how one event can change everything if a character reacts differently, and in my story, Edward has done, by leaving. I guess general fanfic reading inspired me too. I've been writing fanfic for several years, and for several different fandoms - but nothing has inspried me to write stories as much as the Twilight fandom has.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
Well, if you're into smut, there are lemons and I think they're pretty hot (so I've been told!). I try and convey the romance and passion between the two characters - without spoiling the story of the fic itself. I'd like to think I do a good job on conveying a character's feeling and emotions. My main narrator, Bella, is a deeply flawed character, but I think I manage to make her relatable in some way. Without saying any more, B.A.S.S is ultimately an Edward/Bella story, despite the fact that it begins as a Jacob/Bella story. I think both Jacob haters and lovers can enjoy this fic as he is included as a central character.

The best thing(s) about this fic: intrigue, romance, suspense and hot sex.

Damn - I wrote way too much, sorry I got carried away. I'm blushing from the tips of my toes to the roots of my hair, if I come across as bigheaded, that was WAY not my intention.

Hope you like it and if so, that you'll be able to pimp it as it could use some!


Monty (aka @glitteratiglue on Twitter, Aragornrocks on ff.net)

The Bottom Line by stupidsuckedinreader

Summary: Bella Swan is climbing the ranks at a large, multinational conglomerate, lovingly referred to as Big Bad Corporation. She is finally given her first chance to manage a person, an underling. What happens when all she can think about is being under her underling? Slightly OOC characters, BxE.

Oh and my Edward a cross between these pics of Rob with a little dash of Chuck:

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
In a lot of the fics I read Bella is the assistant, the intern, never the one in power. I wanted to write a fic where Bella was climbing the corporate ladder, like so many of us out there. She's not perfect by any means, just one of those countless young women in NYC trying to make it in an office job even she isn't sure she loves. Bella's internal monologue is a bit pervy as she has turned to her trusty vibrator, George Jetson for most of her pleasure. Her love life has hit a dry patch and the one man she clicks with is the one she can't have; the man she is tasked with managing.

Too often office life in fics are completely unrealistic too, so I created a fairly realistic office setting inside Big Bad Corporation. I try to throw in corporate buzz words that I think are trite, funny or perverted; you know, like market penetration. This is a modern day, post-Lehman/Bear Stearns love story where expenses are watched, compliance concerns are forefront, and the job market alternatives are bleak, but despite all of these obstacles, love is sometimes more important than worrying about the bottom line. (heh?)

Where did you get inspiration?
The Wall Street Journal/CNBC. Actually, a lot of my inspiration, especially the corporate America parts, come from my real life - annoying co-workers, impossible bosses, and that one office friend who helps keep you sane. The Rosalie character is a combination of attorneys that I do know in real life. Yes, I know an attorney who works on contracts for porn stars and I do like to go to the Chanel counter at Henri Bendels for make-up.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
The humor. I try to keep jokes, funny business words, and inappropriate internal thoughts throughout. Even in the angst-ridden parts, I like to sprinkle in some humor. Okay, a lot of humor. I mean Rosalie is an attorney, sure that's been done but a 30 year old virginal attorney who does the contract work on porn movies? That is funny. Oh and my Edward is mysterious with very contemporary problems that I think will shock a lot of readers.

Here you go,

Stupid Reader. I really need a hot Edward banner. mmmhhh....

Chances by AmoreBella88

Summary: Bella Swan lives a dull life, but when a trip to the emergency room brings her to the Cullens, everything changes. Things
are not all roses and sunshine though, there are attacks on women at the local campus of UW and it’s got everyone worried. Everyone needs chances, but what happens when someone chooses the wrong one…? (AU-AH, OOC for Bella’s vocabulary)

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
It's hilarious, I think. One of my friends said it was the funniest thing they've read since "Frenemies"... Also, it's not just about a girl falling for a boy. It's about a girl trying to find herself because of the boy and the way he makes her feel. I don't think it's typical and monotonous, it's intriguing. Plus, Lady Tater said so. *Nods*

Where did you get inspiration?
To write it? Honestly I talked to Lady Tater and she pushed me to at least try. I've been reading fanfiction for years and have a Harry Potter story that's fizzled out since I've ran into Twilight. I decided to give it another go because it sounded fun and therapuetic. For each chapter though? Sometimes it just hits me and then others I wait around and see what I can come up with. The other morning I was waiting for my mom to come out of a doctor's office and wrote two pages in the waiting room. That's never happened to me before.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
To me? Hell, I think the best thing about my story is that it's fun and yet full of real life stuff at the same time. "Chances" is about how things happen all the time that could've ended up differently had someone just had the guts to say something in the first place. I'm a master deceiver as well. Some things are going on in my story that people have no idea are really happening. Well, at least they don't say it out loud if they do know. Some people love it for the sexual tension as well. So to sum it up in three words? Fun, real life, and hott! (Okay, so really four words... but who's counting?)

Good Lord, did I talk enough? I hope you enjoy, sweets!


Nikki (AmoreBella88)

It's Just Lunch by Tampagirl81

Summary: Bella is in L.A. to finalize her wedding plans. She comes across a rare opportunity to have a chance with the Hollywood "It" guy, Edward Masen. Rated M for lemons, language and adult situations. Canon couples? Very OOC.

Why should I (the reader) read your story?
My characterizations are different than most canon and are very non-canon when it comes to all aspects. Their backgrounds, family histories, and personalities are all vastly different than most fanfics. My Bella is strong, doesn't take shit from anyone and has no problem telling people like it is. She doesn't shy away from flattery and she doesn't blush. My Edward doesn't wallow and doesn't try to think about what is best for other people and in the process be a selfish prick. He is selfish but is unaware of his changes as he gets to know Bella. There is hardly mention of Rosalie or Emmett except for the beginning of the fic where it starts it starts out as Bella and Emmett are engaged. Jasper and Alice are supporting characters, in that they make their presence known but are not integral to part of the story.

Where did you get your inspiration?
My initial inspiration for the fic was a small bit in an episode of Entourage. Vince met a girl in a bookstore and he ended up really liking her. When he tried to get her number she told him that he was on her "top 5" list. The list that someone could have sex with and their spouse/sig. other couldn't get mad about.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
My fic is a story of self-discovery in different ways. Bella learns that not everyone is out for their own self interests and learns how to be vulnerable without being weak. Edward discovers that just because his talent and looks bring fame won't make him any happier. He learns how to appreciate the people around him while they are still around and not until after they are gone.

The first few chapters were a little rough and are now being beta'd by Irritable_Grizzzly and the beta'd chapters should be up by the end of the week.

I hope I have done a proper job of pimping my fic and I hope you read it and love it and most of all enjoy it. Thank you for the opportunity.

have a great day!


Battle Wounds by writerinmydreams07

Summary: There are two intensly hurt people living in Forks, Washington. Anger, dispair and bitterness hold them back behind the brick walls they have built around themselves. Can time and love heal all wounds? Dark OC, AH, lemons, brief references to violence.

Why should I (the reader) read your story?
This story will have a little bit of everything in it. Love, hate, anger , betrayal, angst, sex, unexpected twists and turns. It's dark and painful and unnerving but amazing at the same time. I have a ton of stuff outlined for this story and I know for sure it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Where did I get the inspiration for this story?
The bottom line is that Battle Wounds is a true story. I am using a real persons life experience and with her permission building off of it. She is very brave to let me write about her tradgedy for people to read and I hope that my story will in some way help her heal.

What do you think is the best thing about your fic?
The best thing about this fic is the twists and turns it will have. I have so many ideas written down in my notebook that I hope will blow people out of the water! I am dying to get these events posted and see what people think about them. I just hope everyone can be patient with me!

So there you have it! Thank you for the opportunity! -Amy


Here we have two stories from winterstale:

Summary: AU-H Collab w/Gasaway Alley, Viola Cornuta, and Rosabella 75 for the Broken Holiday Record Contest. Four couples come together for their traditional Christmas Eve dinner party. Can they overcome the stresses of life and reconnect as lovers?

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
Our story features lemony goodness for each of the primary canon couples, snarky suburban humor, glittering sex toys, absentee spouses, and the Fuckhottest Mr. Mom anywhere. It's a Christmas tale but gives it good in every season.

Where did you get inspiration?
We worked off of 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town" by The King but got off trying to make each other laugh and wondering what neighborhood we had to move into to become one of 'Emmett's Girls'

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
Sexy Seventies Carlisle, Macrobiotic Edward getting his dessert early in The Volvo, Jasper's hairy, rock-hard calves, Emmett gets saucy, Bernaise? Who knows what appeals to any one person. Just pick your poison.

Second on the menu is something a little different...

Summary: Army Air Corps B-17 pilot Captain Emmett McCarty sits alone at a base social, unsure why he is even there. Lonely, misunderstood, and out of place, he longs for his home and family in the mountains of Tennessee after eight years away in Rochester, New York. Nurse Grace Talbott asks to share his table after spending fourteen hours in the operating room mending injured airmen. After the death of her husband, she has tried to lose herself in the Army Nurse Corps as World War II's costly and violent air battles rage over Europe . As they begin to talk, they discover they have much more in common that their home state. A/U H, OOC OC.

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
Old fashioned Romance! Emmett in uniform! Jasper in uniform! The Forties! Citrusy Goodness!

Where did you get inspiration?
A late-night documentary on the History Channel playing as background noise while I grappled with another fic in fail mode reminded me of the fab 80's hunk-fest 'Memphis Belle'. I started looking around the innernets at 'nose art' and listening to Ella and it came to me.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
It's atmosphere-rich, historically accurate, features a sad-pup Emmett as the romantic lead AND he has more than two brain cells, and has an achingly satisfying ending. Reviewers at ffnet and Twi'd tell me in almost every review (links provided) that they cried at the end. My HUSBAND cried at the end of this story. Yes, Grace is an OC. Just give her a chance: she's likeable, well-conceived, and matches well with Em.

I hope you take a chance on one of these stories. They do feature Emmett instead of Edward but couldn't we all do with a bit more Emmett in our lives?

Thanks so much!

Jennifer (winterstale)


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