April 3, 2010

Sue's Interview with kharizzmatic about 'Emancipation Proclamation'

Emm Proc


OK So this week is going to be uncomfortable fic week
Fics that make some uncomfortable because of their topic. It is my job ( I wish!) to enlighten those who might skip these stories because of rumors or the topic
I know, I know! SUE, get to the damn point!

Our first story this week is

Emancipation Proclamation    NEW LINK!

I know I saw the title and was like WTF?? then I read the description and was ..put off by it ..I mean SLAVERY !


I like period fics, but SLAVERY ummm nope! Even I am too PC to want to read a fic about slaves.

So I read her board over at Twilighted a bit because I am dedicated like that !

I found out a few things:
  • The time period is 2005
WHAT??? I got all confused, and those that know me realize that it does not take much to confuse me. That really threw me for a loop.
SOOOO I poured myself a cup of coffee to read more......(shhhhh Sue is reading here...)

THE story is not what I expected.
I hear slavery, and in my mind I see deep south (Think 'Gone with the Wind' without all the pretty shit) around the time period of the civil war (war between the states for my southern friends )

2005 was not when that happened!!! I remembered that much from high school history (Daddy would be so proud! he taught history!)

Instead I was greeted with a Bella who is a slave living in 2005 with her mother who...well that is getting into spoiler territory SO HERE is the

"Edward grew up in a life of money, power, & respect. Isabella was born into slavery-has never known another way. Their worlds collide & neither will ever be the same again. Will he give her freedom? Can he bear to ever let her go? AU-H OOC *Set in 2005*"

In chatting with authors I have found that their minds work in stranger ways than even..MY mind... bizarre !!!!

So I read the damn thing. I was skeptical( I really fought this one) for a while...


WE ALL KNOW I got a thing for the different incarnations that are Edward and THIS Edward ...WOW he is.. well

OK, if he knew I was calling him Eddie he would be so fucking pissed off that even a batch of my special brownies might not placate him (now THAT my friends is a RUN ON SENTENCE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!! Editors do not fuck with it I like it!!)

AND BELLA ,Ok you hear slave, you think weak right? WRONG !!! she might do what she has to to survive and while this young woman is ignorant (uneducated) she is smart witty learns quickly AND extremely strong. She will not let things ruin her spirit. She accepts her position in life however that does not put a damper on hope that someday something might happen to make things better for her... I was talking with a friend of mine (Lisa my spell check queen) She and I agree that a fic can have LOADS of angst SO LONG as it is balanced with hope .. even if things do not end up all sunshine and daisies fine life is not perfect ...



Bella, born into slavery living with her mom who is also a slave owned by her bio sperm donor small time gangster Charles ....
Bella is sheltered. I mean that in a bad way. She does not know much of the world at all, and does not know anything about men and how they behave outside of her owner Charles...

ENTER Carlisle who is a big deal mob boss. He wants Bella, I got freaked out and said EWWWWW But all is well really I SWEAR ! He does not want her like that so for a MOMENT will you hoors get your heads OUT of the gutter we will go back to our happy comfy dirty place soon!!

So Carlisle buys her to take to his home her job is simply to clean the house THAT IS IT
Carlisle assures her she will be safe so long as she follows the rules of the house he gives her a few very basic ones and that is it.

THIS does not mean that the rules he gives her are COMPLETE and that there is no agnsty goodness and tense problems at one point my inner mama bear wanted to throttle Carlisle. HOWEVER for deets on that folks you are just gonna have to READ THE STORY BWHAHAHAHAHA

They get back to the house and here is where she sees him

Edward - a beautiful asshole (at least that is how I see him. She does not see him that way OF COURSE!)

ANYWAYS (I am just killing time here waiting for my interview to show up!)

WHY do I like this story??

WELL I am gonna tell you a little secret
The slavery thing is still going on around the world SO even though it may not be PC for it to still be happening IT IS

much like drugs laws are not gonna stop it

OH HEY look who's here!

Hi Jessi...WTF you promised me I would get to interview Edward!

Jessica(kharizzmatik): Sorry I told him but I guess he got held up somewhere.

Sue: likely story the little monster is avoiding me he must have heard I ask the hard hitting questions! Does he not know that is BAD to piss off SUE !
OH well Lets get started! I will ask my boring Questions that I ask everyone first then I will get down and dirty *grumbles I wanted to get down and dirty with Edward but NOOO little shit is late!*

Where did you get the idea for this story?
The basic plot has been rolling around in my head for a few years as an original story, but I've been suffering severe writers block on originals. So I adapted it to Twilight and decided to tinker around with it and of course it's flowing out easily now. I've always had a fascination with mystery and the American mafia.

What was your inspiration?
Originally it was just the writer's block that inspired me to start on it, as I didn't intend to let anyone read it to start out with, just was writing it to try to get my brain flowing again. Certain elements were inspired by different events, like the Chicago Outfit inspired the mob parts.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically ?
I'd like them to know that although the story does cover some heavy and controversial topics, it is not and never will be a 'rapefic'. There will never be any descriptions of any rapes, although sexual assault is brought up. I am a survivor of a violent rape when i was young, so I understand peoples hesitance when the subject matter is brought up, but there is 'rumor' around that this story is simply a rapefic that that isn't so. I'd also like them to know that human trafficking/slavery and the mafia all really exist in reality, as some people seem to be unaware that those things are facts of life still.

Why should readers read your story?
I think people should read it because it has a deep plot, a tightly intertwined web that will slowly be untangled and exposed. It's not something light for the casual reader, it's full of mystery. I understand it's not for everyone, because it contains sex and drugs and violence and slavery and other heavy topics, but I like to think I handle all of it with sensitivity and class.

OK Does Charlie have ANY redeeming qualities?
Charles doesn't really have any redeeming qualities, unfortunately, unless you count the fact that Isabella didn't die on his watch as one. Because of his harshness in the story, I can't personally bring myself to call him 'Charlie' because I love me some Charlie Swan in Twilight.

Will we be seeing more of him? What about Renee? We'll be seeing Phoenix again, so yes we'll see both Charles and Renee later on.

Do you believe in HEA (please say yes please say yes!) Of course I believe in HEA's :) This story has so many different ways it could be a HEA, though. One person's HEA could be another persons heartfail.way to avoid girl, way to avoid! (Some people want her to stay with Edward, some people don't). In my personal opinion, it's as HEA as it can be. I believe people will be happy.

Sue: anyone besides me notice she did not give away shit but said a whole lotta of nothin with a whole lotta words I love that

So that is all I have for you did I hear a car pull up earlier? why is he out there waiting, pacing, bitching, pissing and moaning WHAT a drama queen !!

J:*ahem* Getting Edward so he can answer his questions ;) forgive him, he's a bit grumpy because of ff.net being down.

*grumble grumble maybe I will forgive him*
(Edward flops into a chair)

SUE: nice of you to decide to grace us with your presence (he nods arrogant ASS)Have you swiped anything from Bella' room to remind you of her ...lotion...a shirt...or something ...

Edward: What the fuck do I look like to you, a goddamn pervert? Okay, don't fucking answer that, because I guess maybe I am. I haven't gone and intentionally swiped anything from her room because she's always fucking with me so she'd probably find the shit, but she did leave one of her hair scrunchy fucking things in my room and I damn sure kept that shit. I thought about putting it on the gear shift in my car but realized that would be fucking gay and of course my dad would see the shit, so I just put it in my desk drawer, locked away with the liquor and weed.

SUE: I am happy for your reforming attitude, but really Edward Exposing Bella to 2nd hand Pot smoke so she will answer your questions! WTF are you thinking ! She is an INNOCENT!
The mommy in me wants to slap you upside the head for your behavior, and then sometimes you do something so sweet I just wanna bake you brownies...(probably not my SPECIAL brownies you would have to be a VERY good boy for those! and you are dedicated to Bella so plain Chocolate it is!)

Fuck man, special brownies sound nice. I wonder if I can get my Bella to bake those fuckers for me. I bet she would, if I asked her nicely. Thanks for the idea! haha

And give me a break, you know that shit was hott. it wasn't like I had her snorting blow or anything, it's just a fucking plant.

Do you think your Dad knows about you and Bella? heavens knows you have not been very ..subtle! and do you think he accepts it the way Aro does?

I don't know man, I think he might've had some suspicions. But I've gotten A LOT fucking better at playing it off and shit. I'm confused honestly, I wanna think if he knew he would've fucking said something to me about it but knowing my father, there's no goddamn clue what's going on in his head. And if he does know, I doubt he's accepting of it. He doesn't like his little world being fucked with and complicated, and he made it clear that a relationship with Bella would be classified as 'complicated'.

WHEN will you get it through your thick head that Bella wants to clean your room to show you her love it is all she can give you let her pick up your mess and THEN keep it neat damnit!

Christ, is it that big of a fucking deal? I know it needs cleaned but give me a break. I'll let her do it eventually. Probably soon, considering it's getting a bit out of hand now and I'm starting to lose shit.

This Question is from Gia
LONG time fan of my blog (like for the whole 15 days it has been up!)
Do you have any more football shirts you want to loan out? She wants one.

hmmm... so you want a shirt, eh? So what are you going to do for me to get one?

(Sue Snorts)knowing Gia like I do I bet she would do just about ANYTHING!

I'm fucking kidding. I've got more of them, but the only motherfucker wearing my shirt is my Bella Ragazza. Sorry Gia ;)


mmm how to say this without getting you upset or embarrassed

SO Carpal Tunnel? As a Physical Therapist's wife young man, I can tell you that if you are getting Carpal Tunnel from jacking off you are DOING IT WRONG. The repetitive stress injury from "normal" male masturbation is Tennis Elbow.

So Edward is your technique different than normal? I mean we know you beat it more than the average young man but, really now, if it hurts boy time to STOP !!!

you do not want to chafe!

HA! Fuck you! I'm not the goddamn doctor of the family, I don't do diagnosing shit. And, okay, so I've been jacking off a lot, but I'm exaggerating about the effects. It wasn't enough to fuck with my hand skills as a quarterback. But, it's been a lot and I mean that shit. I'm talking, multiple times a day sometimes. My dick and I are very well acquainted, he's getting pretty fucking lonely too.

WELL Thank you BOTH for the interview

IF you liked that INTERVIEW and loved chatting with Edward as much as I did then PLEASE go to The EM Proc board over at Twilighted.

She is planning on interviewing Edward and other characters from this fic they will actually answer YOUR questions !! I though that was REALLY FUCKING COOL!!!

SO go read this story!

NOW some announcements:

FIRST OFF We are only having 2 yes TWO fics this week cause I got something EXTRA special planned for Friday

ON that note I will tell you about it!
A poll will be posted tomorrow I am doing this as a ..service ...so to speak to authors who spend tons of time entertaining us, but probably do NOT read as many fics as I do (very few people do)


I want you to vote FOR the TOP overused Twilight Cliches used in Fics


I have to say that EVERY story has a few of them and a FEW scattered here and there is CUTE
HOWEVER I swear if Edward Pinches the bridge of his damn nose again I may have to let Molls break his nose for us!!

FOR me THAT particular cliche is no where NEAR as annoying as ...


SO you get the general idea I will have funny things (at least I think they are funny) written along side every cliches
Like they say in Chicago VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN!!!

Bring your friends!

IF you are lucky Molls and I might even amp up our bullshitting level here just for some Friday FUN!

That and I need to up the funny cause Wednesday's fic might just scare off some readers.

I like it but as I said IT is NOT for all readers.

FOR Wednesday my dearies we are reading:

Lords of Gangland By Leecullen


The description:
Edward Cullen is a hot, bad, gangsta fella who is a new kid in the Chicago underworld. But refusing to pay his respects to the big, ruling Godfather, his arrival is not welcomed. Bella is said Godfather’s estranged daughter who fled her father’s world in an attempt at a normal life.

Both men keep clashing and bumping heads, Edward’s power grows rapidly, men are tired of the old regime, and so a sort of gangster war ensues. Bella is caught in the mayhem when she becomes a prisoner in the hands of her father’s most hated enemy and rival. With Bella as a prisoner, Edward knows her father will have no choice but to do as he is told.

But does Edward have other motives to capture Bella?


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