April 10, 2010

Screen Queens: The Art of the Lover's Spat


Sue: OK, we are BACK

Giada: FRONT!

Sue: like a bad fungus… LOL

Giada: ewww... fungi.

Sue: hey, I got issues

Giada: lol

Sue: TMI

Giada: def

Sue: So, let’s talk some movies. I have titled this post, ummmmm, crap, I forgot, let me look it up.

Giada: Movies that I haven't seen, truly.

Sue: On Screen Heat: Art of the Lover’s Spat

Giada: yeesssss....

Sue: I know

Giada: Because we all like fighting... and making up.

Sue: Nothing like the angry fiery fight to get the blood flowing

Giada: Amen, sister.

Sue: I love angry sex

Giada: I didn't know you categorized. :)

Sue: Gonna have some of that tonight

Giada: lol… because that, dear friends, is NOT TMI.

Sue: Ok I am gonna talk first, cause I have more movies!

Giada: Go, bb.

Sue: And I talk more, or so I am told.

Giada: Yes, she does. Also, I had finals this week and I am a slacker hoor.

Sue: First movie is His Girl Friday, an old flick, made in 1940. Starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.

Such a hottie.

Giada: Sue's a Cary lover, if you haven't figured that out yet...

Sue: YES I AM. I love me those Englishmen. SO…. male lead divorced from his female lead

Giada: *no comment on the Englishmen*

Sue: They are newsmen

Shut up, hoor

They are newsmen, and she is gonna get remarried to another dude. She comes in to the office to let her ex hubs, who is also her boss, know that she is NOT coming back to work


the first scene is all about that

Giada: So take that, ex-hubs. You fucker.

Sorry... saying? lol

Sue: OHHH but the intensity, it is so marvelous

the witty banter, the the the

Brit dude being such a, well,

Giada: the the the teh teeehhhh...

Sue: Cary


so that is movie number one

Giada: Do you know if the characters are very much like themselves in RL?

Sue: what makes it GREAT

I have no clue

Giada: ok.

Sue: I know they were at least friends

Giada: Also, it behooves us to point out that they're not fucking in real life.

Sue: I think I need to look into that

Giada: Just touching on last week. lol

Sue: NO THEY ARE NOT. They are both dead.


I am such a shit

Giada: You are.

his girl Friday

*were not. Sorry. Sheesh. J

Ok, here I go then.

I'm a little more contemporary, and this movie is actually a suggestion from Sue, because once again, I have had no time to call my own this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Everybody, please.


Giada: Withhold the Brangelina commentary.


Giada: We know, we know. HOWEVER,

Sue: Screw Brangelina… GIVE ME BRAD

Giada: This movie is definitely a primo example of how argument can build the tension.

Background, if you're not with the times

Sue: OH MY GOD, the movie fight is one of the sexiest EVER

Giada: You have Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who met while executing separate missions in Mexico (or some-such), and end up getting hitched. Neither one of them knows the other is a government agent (or spy, or hitman, or whatever the fuck they are). So now, it's a few years later, and their marriage is falling apart.

Sue: double secret agents, or some fuckery

Giada: And they're assigned the next hit.

Thank you. I have no idea what the fuck it is.

But their next hit is... each other.

Hence the fight scene. Which precludes reconciliation. :)

And is epically, fantastically, wonderfully awesome.

"Who's your daddy now?" lol

Sue: YUP


“Come on baby, who’s your Daddy?”


I saw that with hubs in the theater and DAMN NEAR DIED

Got it good that night, I tells you

Giada: Yep, that was a great movie. Don't know who I saw it with the first time, but I do loves it. And it was my intro to Vince Vaughn, who is always a box full of win.

So that's another excellent example of a lover's spat aiding in the return of the romantical atmosphere.

AND the clip will be added just as soon as I can find the damn thing!!!

And moving on... ?

Sue: O OK

Giada: :)

Sue: We move on to another CLASSIC MOVIE

As you can tell, I got a thing for B&W

It Happened One Night, with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.

Giada: ‘cause she's artsy-fartsy like that.

Sue: Yeah, I am. And daddy would not let me see naughty movies, ‘cause I was raised to be a good Catholic Girl.

NONE of those on your knees comments now, ‘cause the answer to that is OF COURSE I AM GOOD ON MY KNEES

SO, to the MOVIE

Giada: I was gonna remark on your wardrobe. But I will refrain. J

Carry on.

Sue: Sure you were

OK, It Happened One Night

Giada: Yes, it did.


Giada: Sorry.

Sue: at least 5 times in this house.

Giada: OMG

Sue: LOL. You started it

Giada: I think I just blew hawaiian punch all over the keyboard. Jebus fuckity, woman.

I'll shut up now. :)

Sue: FINALLY. Shut it, hoor.

OK, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. Great flick about this girl who married the love of her life. Her rich Daddy did not approve, and was gonna do anything to keep his princess from this gold digger

Well, princess runs away, and happens to meet HIM.

The newspaper reporter he agrees to help her get to her one true love, IF he gets exclusive on the story. She has no money, and he has little money. They travel by bus most of the way, and then end up hitch-hiking.

Giada: oooh

Sue: Because the bus gets stuck in the mud. And that is where one of our scenes takes us

So I have scenes showing the banter and tension between the two. DOES the newspaper dude get the girl???

It happened one Night

You will have to watch it on You Tube or rent it or buy it to find out !!!

Giada: Very nice.

Sue: That and I forget the ending

Giada: haha... We are soooo on top of this little installment, folks, it's not even fucking funny.



Giada: Ok, so are we ready to move on?

Sue: Yeah, YOU’RE UP.

Giada: I *am* UP.


Giada: bah. I wish. :) Anywho... Onto one of my personal favorites (this will be pretty goddamn telling, right here), get ready...


duh... duh duh duh.... duh duh duh-duh-duh duh duh-duh-duh

Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Please, you guys just *know* how this goes.

The music is epic, btw... we went to see Star Wars In Concert last weekend with the Wildman and Bean and it was AWESOME. I teared up, I'm not gonna lie... but then, John Williams gets me all kinds of worked up, so... yeah.


Han and Leia

Those two... just, damn. It's like, she argues with everyone, and in the beginning, you kind of *want* her to hook up with Luke. And it'd be cool, aside from the whole incest thing.

So Han gets all pissy when he sees things going that way, and decides he's gonna be the bigger man and take a step back.


Giada: Wants her to be happy, you know? Of course you know

Sue: Such a guy

Giada: Everyone's seen this. And if you haven't, go fucking do it.

Sue: YUP

Giada: Or I'll sic my assassins on you

Sue: NOW

Giada: And you'll never see it fucking coming.

Sue: Star Wars is NOT known for its epic acting

At least, not with critics

Giada: So anyway, I found a clip with SOMEONE's favorite 'top ten' Han and Leia moments.

Sue: However, Star Wars is the point where film entered a NEW ERA

Giada: Yeah, it's really not. But the special effects and the actual mechanics of the film were FUCKING PHENOMENAL.

Sue: They created the blockbuster, and many of the special effects we take for granted, they made them UP in a fucking garage!!!

Giada: oh yeah.

Giada: Because you know, your kids are watching this now, and they're like, ‘goddamn, this sucks balls. Someone get me some War of the Worlds or some shit’. But really, it was groundbreaking, and you need to explain it to your children.

Like I have to mine (and Wildman is a Star Wars addict, btw) and he's eight.

So, it can be done.

Show your children the light, and pay attention to the argumentative aspects of a certain budding relationship while you're at it, k?

Sue: LOL

Giada: Sue, next film? S'il vous plait?

Sue: OHHHH the PG love affair of Han and Leia

NEXT WE HAVE the EPIC lovers battle

Giada: *EPIC*

Sue: Mask of Zorro.

With it, WE HAVE



Giada: Tell us about Antonio, darling.

Ever listen to Bob and Tom?

Sue: No

Giada: Holy. Fuck.

Sue: Hubs has heard of them

Giada: I *have* to find the clip of 'Marge Schott’ interviewing 'Antonio.' It's hilarious.

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em!"

Sue: OK, Antonio

Giada: ok, go on... Sorry... lol


And Catherine

Sue: and the chick I wanna look like when I grow up so I can get me an ANTONIO, even though she got a Douglas

Giada: Dave's gonna have to start hitting the tanning bed.

Sue: NAH. I will take Dave.

OK THIS FIGHT is beautiful. They SWORD FIGHT, if you know what I mean.

Giada: *wink*

Sue: No really, with real swords.

Sooo sexy. Here, watch it, ‘cause I am too drunk to talk anymore.

Giada: haha.

Mask of Zorro


Giada: Ok, well, I'll continue this little shindig then.

Sue: OK go. LOL

Giada: Well, no, it sounds like you had something else to say. J

Sue: You have seen movies,and we have shown WHY fighting helps to add to the sexual tension - BOTH the physical fights AND the witty banter between couples. Notice the looks they give each other…

Giada: Even if we didn't explain it all that well... because I'm coming off a three-final day,

And Sue is drunker than shit.

Sue: and I am DRIUNING

Giada: Ok, folks... Like I said before, we may not have been very fluent in our explanations tonight (we promise to be better prepared/better rested/less drunk next week), we hope that you guys have been able to see that fights between couples often lead to strengthening the romantic bond they share. Can this be translated to fic? Absolutely. Go forth, my little monkeys, and do us proud. Also, rec us *your* favorite fight scene. And any suggestions for what you might want to see in a future edition.

Like something that's actually worth reading, because I'm not sure what happened tonight actually qualifies.


Favorite Romantic Christmas Movies!!!

I got a million of them. Even one with Cary Grant. SO do not forget!

Giada: No, do not. Please.

Sue: Let’s hear from you.and TELL US What is your favorite LOVERS FIGHT scene in film????


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